Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Gobo Chit Chat Festive Buffet, Traders Hotel KL, Till Year End

Gobo Chit Chat's buffet has always struck me as good value for money.  At RM149 nett, and for the variety of food, what can I say.  And this year's festive spread together with the free flow seafood really puts you into a food coma after the meal.  I am actually intrigued by how much some people can tuck away at buffets like this.  I find in my old age, I can only very selectively zoom in to a few items of desire, and ignore the rest.  I guess this is applicable not only to food, in a buffet, but life in general.

In keeping with the season, I zeroed into the Christmas Turkey.  Okay, I am not really an ardent fan of turkey, but hey, this IS the dish that only comes round once a year, and if you get a nice piece of juicy thigh, it can be rather palatable.  Of course, I find the breast meat totally redundant, and I wait for genetic engineering to create a turkey that is all leg and thigh and no breast.

Chef holding up the freshly brought out turkey

That's one good looking bird...and with the ample brussel sprouts as accompaniment, I would have been happy just to stop here.

The beef wellington was also pretty good.  Flaky puff pastry, tender meat.

The next highlight would have to be the vast array of seafood, which you collect in a bucket, and using the tag from your table, specify how you want the bucket cooked.  There is a choice of different sauces, like cheese curry, sichuan, etc.  They then bring the cooked bucket to your table and plonk it onto a silver platter, with much aplomb.

...This would be the Sichuan style

This one is the creamy cheese curry sauce I think....

The oysters don't get any fresher than these, in this lavish seafood spread.  Freshly shucked with demand, very rare to find in other buffets.

I'd say these crepes were the highlight for me in the dessert section, although they also did have the essential mince pies for Christmas.

For me, if I can find 5 or more items that I like and that I can zero in in a buffet, I am already a happy camper.

Some other dishes worthy of mention are ..

The Satay, both chicken and beef....

The beef cheek, exceedingly tender,

The chicken roulade, with a rich creamy sauce..

The large variety of roasted vegetables, which is always a must for me,

The roast lamb which I didn't try, but everyone else was raving about it, so I guess it must be good.

Too full to even attempt the noodle station, and mind you, I am a numero uno noodle fan.

Freshly fried prawn tempura, ah, yes, one of my favourites too, especially if you catch it freshly fried.

We are all mystified how this platter of plainly blanced seafood ended up on our table.  It really does need the sauces.

And finally Walauwei's method of eating Yorkshire Pudding...with chocolate ice cream.


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