Monday, November 05, 2007

Cream Cheese Spirals And Cilantro

I made the cream cheese spirals pastry for cell group on Friday, but it was cancelled at the last minute. These babies are easy to make, and absolutely delicious, and I have posted them before here. But since this post was in January 06, before I met all you wonderful fellow food bloggers out there, you may not have read this before.

Anyway, the original name of these are Rugelach, and in the recipe books, are actually sweet. However, I decided to experiment them and make them savoury instead and its proven a hit especially with my kids (my son whacked 6 of these himself).

For the girl in Abu Dhabi with her new food processor:

Blitz together:

2 cups flour
250 gm cream cheese
125gm butter

until it clumps together as a dough. It will be a lovely pliable dough. No need to add any extra liquid. Refrigerate.

Split into 3 portions. Roll out a round, and cut into 8 equal portions. (see the illustration in previous post). Spread your savouries around the outer rim, (such as bacon with cilantro/coriander, corned beef, roast chicken and mozarella, use your imagination), and roll inwards like a croissant. Glaze with egg wash, bake at 180C till browned (approx 15 minutes).

Resist urge to pop hot spiral into your mouth, but they are best served warm.

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This is the smoked salmon quiche that I made to order as well, over the weekend.

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Since the orderer was domestic, she saved me a slice. My first time attempting smoked salmon, though I have used canned salmon many times. It's rather good.

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When I said cream cheese spirals and cilantro, yes, while I did add cilantro to the filling, I actually was referring to my favourite restaurant in town (when someone else is paying), Cilantro. They'll be moving from Micasa to the Gardens soon I hear. Anyway, since I recently blogged about this place I shall not go into much detail. Occasion was rich friend in town who wanted to give a treat to 3 birthday girls in one fell swoop.

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The truffle souffle as an appetiser. Deeeeeeevine!!!!

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The complimentary white bait something something. It looked terribly fishy, but tasted VERY good. No fishy taste at all.

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The unagi and foie gras. Sin in its full glory. Absolutely stunning. If it were a woman, it would be Aisywara Rai.

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Pan Seared Scallops With Rocket and Pear. Now, they are exceedingly generous with their plump juicy scallops. 5 in total, seared to PERFECTION. There is blue cheese in the dressing, which is gorgeous, but I can imagine, not everyone's cuppa tea.

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Braised Ox Tongue with Pan Seared Foie Gras. Nuff said about this dish in the previous post.

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Hokkaido Scallops with Pan Seared Foie Gras. Truth be told, the appetiser scallops were better. The hokkaido scallops, though humoungous, were a bit leathery, and not as sweet as the smaller cousins.

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Pan Seared Foie Gras (gosh, I should just abbreviate it to PSFG) with duck breast. The breast (the duck's one, that is) was tender and cooked to perfection. I notice duck can be a bit tough. But this one was tender as raw bullet wound.

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The special of the day, a half lobster with pasta. The lobster was nice and crunchy. Didn't try the pasta though. The sauce was very rich, and complemented the lobster well.

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Bamboo fish, or Soon Hock, to the uninitiated. Didn't try this, but Godma said that it was overcooked. Pity. I'd have sent it back, actually, at an establishment like this.

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One must of course have the mandatory dessert platter that allows you a choice of 4 desserts. Do the math. Individual desserts all about RM30. Platter is RM90, for 4. And they give you full size portions. Not scaled down miniatures that require a magnifying glass to locate. The fig tart was yummy. Good quality ice cream, which the host identified as Haagen Daz. My palate not so sophisticated la, cant really tell. Unless it was Walls. Then can.

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I forget what this is. A nougat something something. Okay lah, I felt the pastry layer could have been better.

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LianneK said...

my goshh, too much of good food, i almost died looking at it .. the whole experience looked pricey lehhhh, don't think i will be able to afford such fine dining *sulk*

oh btw, me foodielianne ah hehehe

Anonymous said...

I thought you might like to read this blog from Dorie Greenspan on rugelach. She's famous for co-authoring cookbooks for the famous French patisierre Pierre Hermes.

HL said...

Ha, foie gras again!!

fatboybakes said...

dims, the funny thing is, when i was eating it, i was thinking, "oh nooooo, this will lend credence to dimsum's theory that i eat oodles of the stuff. however, what makes you think my main course had PSFG? as a matter of fact, my scallop appetiser hadnt a hint of PSFG. hahahahah.

sam, yup, i saw the site, those are the original sweet versions. trust me, the savouries are absolutelyy yummy.

imbi, aiyo, what's your blog again? forgot to link it. at first i thought the bill was quite reasonable, but today, they actually called me to tell me they undercharged, and missed out a bottle of champagne. roll eyes. FORTUNATELY i am not the host. i was merely the one who booked, hence they have my phone number.

Anonymous said...

The girl in AD is very much obliged to your generosity.. :) She has been having fun making light cupcakes with her FP and will move on to pastries soon (your lui-sun's pigs in blanket). She will be looking out for a microplane and silpat too.

The people of AD are indeed a very fortunate lot to have met such generous people.. one who shares recipes and basically operates a cooking 911 and another who takes the effort to ensure that her food photos can be viewed in all their glory in a photo site that is not banned... :D

MeiyeN said...

you are serious? they are moving to gardens? when? when?!!! can't wait for it... omg, da dessert platter!!!!!! moi saliva is dripping......

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

im feeling my heart beating very hard just like an overdoes of those sinful cholestrol...thats a serious foie gras overdose!!!

Precious Pea said...

OMG!!!! All the yummy photos....killing me la!!! The salmon quiche looks so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Moving to Gardens? Yay!

msiagirl said...

Will definitely try some of those rolls - sounds manageable to the non-baking bod here. Bit ironic rugelach is a jewish dish (used to get them in the NY deli's as a student - but I was thinking mmm nice bit of bacon in there would be tasty! Your quiche looks really wonderful. tq for yr message.

boo_licious said...

ooooh, so many new places at the Gardens. Can't wait and I hope they open at the rooftop garden.

The rugelach sounds yum and the quiche looks divine.

daphne said...

i can't believe the cell group was cancelled! man, i would have come just for those spirals...

Big Boys Oven said...

Lovely, lovely bakes.... hope to try your quiche!

fatboybakes said...

BBO, aiya, nothing compared to the sifus like you guys. hope to attend your classes soon.

daphne, man does not live by bread alone....

boo, alas, regardless of where cilantro is, its still beyond my own wallet, and its a "go if others pay" basis.

msiagirl, ya got the irony gal!!!

jason, maybe yay for you, but as i told boo, at RM200-RM250 per head, hmmm, i'm hardly doing cartwheels.

precious, thanks...aiya, salmon quiche cant compare with the cilantro food at all

nipples, allo, you didnt think IIII myself consumed all dat PSFG!!! no way lah, i'd be in a wooden box or marble urn by now.

mei yen, dunno when, but soon i think.

kat....yalar...lucky you.

Unknown said...

PSFG all the way down! haha I would love to have the dessert platter all to my self by skipping mains

Beachlover said...

hmmmm look so delicious...especially PSGF!!..I'm little confuse here,are you cooking all these dish or you're enjoying it?.Sorry for this question,I'm blur blur la.I guess you're a restaurant chef ,rite??.

fatboybakes said...

beachlover, hahah, aiyo, i WISH i could cook like that. no lah, its a restaurant review of a restaurant called cilantro.
however the first half of the post, ie the cream cheese spirals and quiche, is made by me.

kgboycitygal, actually, that is a fabulous idea. for RM90, its actually not so bad, considering haagen daz buffet is oridi RM35 per head.

wmw said...

Cream cheese spirals sounds good! Mmm...yum yum!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

the desserts at cilantro are good, but the starters and mains, divine.

KellytheCulinarian said...

Sounds delicious. I love dessert platters, it's easier to share and taste a few things.

fatboybakes said...

kelly, yeah, the dessert platter was fabulous. get to sample all the different varieties.

lemongrass, tolja so.

wmw, they are very unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

Oh my,midnite food blog viewing make me drool! The dessert platter looks so gorgeous, i wouldn't mind to have it all by myself but agree on "others tab" basis ;p KL got Haagen Daz buffet? Where? Where?

fatboybakes said...

joanna, the haagen daz buffet is in all the HD outlets i think. i saw it was packed in bangsar village. dunno how long for though.