Monday, November 02, 2009

Bruno's at Jaya 33

There's been this rumblings in the flogging scene ("flogging" is food blogging, to the uninitiated, and not some sado masochistic ritual, although the way we stuff our bodies sometimes does border on s&m), about the integrity of food reviews when it is gratis, whether or not we should declare and be transparent if we were paid in kind or in other services, (ahem), etc etc. Aiya, why so complicated? My motto, if someone wants to invite you to eat, and talk about them, oooh, why not. And if I have to declare that this was so, so be it. In fact, lately, due to the fact that I am hobnobbing with the correct celebrity bloggers, I seem to get a lot more invites to this and that.

So, I received an email from Candy, who is actually on my facebook and whom I distinctly remember as having ordered a cake from me before, inviting me to Bruno's for free flow drinks and grub. The words "free flow drinks" are to me what the words "abstinence" means to a Catholic priest. Hangon, I think I lost my train of thought there. Nah, there is no connection.

Anyway, yeah, free flow drinks, on a weeknight, with some vaguely familiar people, like Ciki, and Alilfatbanana, .....why not I say!

Happiness is Guinness on Tap. And the G.O.T here is gooooood! And only RM12 at happy hour for the glass size you see above. As the black liquid lubricated my thirsty throat and I soaked in the company of my delightful table mates, I began to feel happy once again.

The interior of Bruno's is pleasant enough. Parking was ample, at that hour, and cheap too. A perfect location for happy hour, if you ask me.

We were allowed to order anything we wanted from the menu. How generous of our hosts. [eyes scanning for the MOST expensive item...drat, no foie gras]

Sauteed mushrooms. I love mushrooms. Even the non magic ones. And these were nicely done. Simple, and delicious. The sauteeing sauce was just right, not too salty, and enhanced the natural flavour of the white button mushrooms.

And the breaded mushrooms. Perfect companion for alcohol. So much so, we ordered another serving.

Somewhere along the line, Alison Joan Victor of Red FM Fame joined us. I could not believe it. A living breathing and rather attractive celebrity in our midst. Drat, I forgot to ask for her autograph. Anyway, this delightful famous Deejay was very down to earth, and very charming company. We of course spoke fondly of our mutual friend, Fratmustard, who at that moment was having Vietnamese. Not a vietnamese, but vietnamese as in the cuisine. The fler was actually in HCMC while we dined in Petaling Jaya. Life is pretty unfair isnt it.

I have to say that Monkey is a man of many faces.

I digress. Back to the food. The garden salad with orange was ordinary. I mean, its healthy and all, as salad should be. Otherwise, why bother eating salad right. Might as well eat lard.

Isnt she the dainty little one....

Oh, the free flow alcohol comprised all of the happy hour items listed below. At times like this, I want to spank the monkey and say, Cis boy, why dont you drink alcohol.

What was I saying about Lard? Yeah well, one of Bruno's main attraction for me would be the wide array of Oinkety oink dishes.

Check out the Bruno's BBQ Wine Ribs. All our meat dishes came with a bit of pasta carbonara. They're really trying to make us sign a contract with Lipitor. Now, I loved these ribs. There was enough fat on the meat, and the marinade wasn't overpowering. I love that lovely chunk of oink fat in the picture above.

Ciki tried to be different and ordered the sirloin. Well, she disdainfully tossed away the huge slice of bread which formed the mattress for the dead cow, proclaiming "I don't eat carbs". Yes, looking at her svelte body, I think I kinda knew. The little bit of steak that she tossed my way seemed decent enough.

Now I ordered the Roast Pork in Chardonnay Sauce. The very word Roast Pork in my mind conjured up images of belly pork, crackling, and everything evil, but this was even healthier than the salad. The pork was lean!!! Argh, I'd been cheated! Anyway, it would suit the more health conscious, as the meat was really very white, and lean, rich thick sauce notwithstanding. Luckily there were two portions of those yummy ribs on our table thanks to Monkey and Aly J.

Perfectly manicured hands holding up the Campari Soda, which was the least sweet of the cocktails.

I thought I'd be healthy for a change, and tried the lychee comfort. (fruit ma, healthy wat). Nice, but very female drink. I should've stuck with Guinness. A MAN'S DRINK.

YUMMMY caramelised bananas. Amazing how such a simple dish can taste so good... but in the dessert department, THIS really took the cake.

The wobbly panna cotta. EXCELLENT. So much so, it was sold out, and we couldn't have more. Lovely texture and creamy flavour without being overly dense. Very yummy, and I would certainly return for another dose of this....

My friends are all multi talented, clowns and comedians, mostly.

Look, his brain is a magnet.

Just when we thought dessert was over, Candy, our dear hostess, brought us THIS little baby, from Food Foundry, the famous Vanilla Mille Crepe Cake. She must've known I was dying to try this. Lovely layers of crepes sandwiched with vanilla cream.

People compare their various accessories.

Mmm, the almost finished mille crepe. And then, Cumi walks in, all sweaty after a basketball game, and orders the Lamb Shank.

All of us were too full to try his shank, and in any case, he was carrying some flu bug around.

They started serving mojitos. Yay. My kinda drink. I love mojitos. I used to make a mean mojito. Used to, being the operative word.

We then adjourned to the outdoor area, where their resident band was playing. Very pleasant atmosphere outside. The band wasn't bad either.

I had a great night. Got to meet Alison Victor, Candy, my cake customer, hung out with all my favouritest people in the blogging world, free flow of alcohol, lovely lardy ribs, and it was only Thursday. Ah, distant dreamy faraway look.

Thanks Candy for the invite. Bruno's is located on the Ground floor of Jaya 33, facing the main road, and is at the left hand corner of the building if you are standing outside the entrance looking in. Next to the True Fitness Gym. Outstanding Happy Hour value for drinks. Anyone wants to join me there for HH soon?


Rebecca Saw said...

Funny..all that food and i'm only craving for the mille crepe.. ;p
shit..i alws get lost lookin for Happy Mansion..
Ohh..yeah, the mgmt of FF and Bruno's are the same or somethin..prob thats why u got the mille crepe that night.

Candy Moy said...
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Pureglutton said...

This is one place on my "Must Go" list! When u going for HH there again? ;-)

qwazymonkey said...

"The words "free flow drinks" are to me what the words "abstinence" means to a Catholic priest." >> Classic FBB quotes! LOL

Love the pics. Load it up on FB so we can knick them off.

Thanks Ah Pa.

PS: Didn't u declare no alcohol til 2010? What happened? Oh wait, ur no catholic priest.

Candy Moy said...
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KY said...

yaa FF & bruno's are own by the same ppl. :D

Candy Moy said...


Muchos gracias for the write up.

Am very pleased to note you had a great night.

And yes - our Happy Hour deals are a pretty good deal, so do swing by!

See you soon! ;)


Candy Moy said...

hello! it's pretty easy getting to Happy Mansion - given the right directions. ;)
1. from Section 14, head towards the Rothman's roundabout.

2. take the 3 o'clock turning.

3. take the first left turning, just before the Bosch advert billboard.

4. go straight (the road leads uphill), look out for a blue sign on the left that says Sek Keb Sri Damai, turn right into Jalan 17/13.

5. you will see a school ahead, on your right (the aforementioned Sri Damai), and after that you'll see several apartment blocks.

6. take the right turning after the Pondok Polis. you will see a small sign that says Food Foundry.

7. you will be greeted with 6to10 Grill's shop. Food Foundry is on the other end of the block.

there you go! hope this helps.


btw - thanks FBB, hope you dont mind me replying. heh

10:03 AM

fatboybakes said...

Hi Candy, thanks again for having us. I've reposted your comments, removing my AHEM, real name...and replaced it with the needful. as you can tell, i'm painfully shy.

KY, yup yup, I forgot to mention in the post.

sigh, monkey, i dont have the willpower to abstain...hence the large family and alcohol. i could never be the pope.

pure glutton, come, we arrange, but not so soon la, i need to detox first. its been a mad couple of weeks.

TNG, yeah, same owners, and we got the mille crepe by special order la, its not available normally at Brunos. Coz Candy lub us ma.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

fbb without alcohol would be fbb without the f or the b..

i remember them serving more funky stuff like iberican more d ar?

hh here would b lovely if i can get there without suffering loads of traffic jam!

J said...

How much more shoulder rubbing do I have to do until I get more invites too? *pout*

HairyBerry said...

ya know, i'd always wanted to go to bruno's after reading nipple's review sometime back. there's pork, pasta and alcohol. what's there not to like? hopefully can do bruno's when i get back la. oh, and YES! guinness is for real men! and cool chicks.

Kiran said...

Jealous nya! Missing Malaysian food! So droolicious la :D

thule a.k.a leo said...

look at the ribs.. I'm drooling already :) I don't mind having pork ribs everyday for the rest of my life... or anything to do with the oink oink creature!!!

Ciki said...

ahpa! nice one.. this time monkey was your date! hehe

fatboybakes said...

ciki, yup, what a cool date he was too.

thule, hahah, pork ribs everyday? sure or not?

hairy, just dont order the roast pork if you're expecting fat!

fatboybakes said...

J, you must rub against ppl like thamby and C&C.

nipples, oooh, i remember reading your iberian pork post. that's like the wagyu equivalent of pork right?

The Duo Dishes said...

Must take a bit of the bbq wine ribs!