Friday, January 28, 2011

Tai Zhee Hin, Prince Hotel

I am a bad blogger. After being given this press release material, only now have I perused it, and noticed this:

"In conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration, the best chefs from top 8 Chinese
restaurants in the Klang Valley will cook up a storm to prepare customised Extravagant 8 menus that will satiate the palate and tantalize the taste buds between 20 January and 17 February 2011 exclusively for Standard Chartered credit card holders.
Priced at RM888++ per table of 8 pax, Standard Chartered credit card holders will not only be taken on a gastronomical journey; they will also be treated to free fortune cookies"

Wow, nothing quite like the promise of fortune cookies to make me drop all plans and lure me to a dinner.....unless it was yet another invitation by the Queen herself. Yes, 2nd in the series of Extravagant 8 Menus, this time, the venue, Tai Zhee Hin, Prince Hotel. I have to confess, I rarely step foot into the Prince Hotel, the last time was probably a couple of years ago for teh tarik (a rather extravagant teh tarik venue, I have to add), with a group of my school alumni. I've seen many reviews, and salivated over the tantalizing looking dishes that the Chinese restaurant, Tai Zhee Hin, had to offer.


Salmon Yee Sang with crispy shredded treasures and blackcurrant-plum dressing. Thick, succulent pieces of almost radioactively pinky orange salmon adorn the array of vegetables, in all shapes and sizes, almost like that meat dress adorning a famous singer.

Eight treasure broth with sun dried seafood. The Stanchart promo has a no sharksfin policy, do don't hope to look for those cartilageous strands of stuff within these bowls of goodness.

Braised sea whelk with fatt choy, bai ling, dried shiitake and straw mushrooms. Fatt choy, the ever present ingredient in chinese new year menus.

Honey Glazed Tanned Ribs With A Chocolate Memoir....

Crispy deep-fried sea bass with spring onions and ginger sauce. There's always a suspicion that deep fried fish is probably frozen and was unlikely to be doing somersaults in the aquarium on the same day that it's fried, but this fish was fresh enough.

Pan-fried tiger prawns with Chinese herb-infused superior soy sauce. I'm glad to see that preparation of prawns seem to reverting to the more traditional har loke style, rather than the creamy butter prawns that have invaded our palates in the 90s and last decade.


Cantonese-style roasted chicken with fragrant salt and prawn crackers. The unnaturally pink prawn crackers seemed to be a hit on our table, and was gone before you can say keropokman. The red meat parts were tender and moist, though I found the white meat to be dry and unmemorable. However, there are distinct factions between leg and breasts lovers when it comes to chicken meat.

The cosy private dining room that overlooks the main lobby and the famous chandelier.

Golden fried rice with shrimp and crabmeat.

An award winning chef, Chef Ricky Thein was the recipient of Gold Medallist at the 5th World Golden Chef Competition for Chinese Cuisine in 2005 and was also awarded the Silver and Gold Awards for the Excellent Service Award by SPRING Singapore in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

Bald Eagle, to whom we have this spate of meals to thank, plays the gracious host, in the absence of his lovely wife, (did I just utter those words?)....

Sweetened red bean cream with glutinous rice dumplings. We all love balls don't we. There's something about the word, and the shape, that makes people do the silliest things.



Crispy fried Chinese brown sugar cake. Nian gao, in other words. I liked this dish, coz I found the nian gao not sweet at all.

Tai Zhee Hin is halal, so a great place to entertain your Muslim guests.

Tai Zi Heen is located on Level 2, Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

For reservations, please call our Restaurant Manager at 03 -2170 8888 or


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tanned ribs? guffaw!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

How much for the honey glazed tanned ribs and chocolate memoirs pls? Is it part of the set or do I have to pay extra?

Kenny Mah said...

Oh ho ho ho. That's some lipsmacking honey glazed tanned ribs - can I get me some? ;)

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Wah not bad, the stanchart promo comes with Honey Glazed Tanned Ribs With A Chocolate Memoir. I'm sure you've set many tongues wagging now.

J said...

to LL and Ah Pa: Woi. The honey glazed tanned ribs and chocolate memoirs is priceless, ok?

Kenny Mah said...

Kung Hei Fatt Choy, Hong Bao Tao Loi! :D

Okay, okay, even two-thirds of your regular-sized angpow will do, given I only meet 2 out of your 3 criteria. Hehe.

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ai wei said...

hehehe, gong hei fatt choy

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