Friday, May 03, 2013

Yama@J, Jaya One

Japanese buffet lovers will be happy to hear that yet another one has sprouted up, in Jaya One, (right above the Starbucks), YAMA@J.  Featuring an American trained Chef, Chef Yama, who specialises in Japanese Fusion Sushi, be prepared to get your tastebuds invaded by a pscyhedelic array of flavours.

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 I am unsure if the promotion for the free flow beer is indefinite, but the discount on food is as follows:
Buffet Lunch : RM 48++ (promo 40% offers ends 19th May 2013) Buffet Dinner: RM 68 ++ RM 88++ Free Flow beer 2 hours (last call for food 9.45pm) (free flow beer offers from the time you start dinning at any time of arrival)
Pretty standard fare at the buffet, the sashimi platter was fresh, and a wide variety of sushis adorned the buffet table, which is shaped like a boat. 

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But the piece de resistance is the fusiony sushi rolls, that incorporate the usual sushi ingredients with a twist, mainly cream cheese and dairy.  Be warned, if you are an old fuddy duddy like me, and prefer the more conservative blander sushis, (afterall, to me the highlight of sashimis and sushis IS the freshness and well, natural taste of the ingredients), then these technicolor coat like varieties might not be up your alley.  

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Red Dragon Roll: Spicy tuna and cucumber roll, topped with Big-Eye Tuna & Chef’s signature spicy ponzu garlic sauce

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Baked Salmon Roll, Snowcrab, cream cheese & asparagus on top with baked salmon, served with Chef’s signature sauce.  A tad too rich for me...there is no way I could finish one of these myself...but I guess the essence of asian cuisine is communal sharing.

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Happy Sumo Roll, Shrimp tempura, cream cheese & snow crab, deep-fried potato strip topped with Chef’s signature yuzu, homemade eel sauce & strawberry sauce, served in a martini glass.

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Art of Maki: Salmon, avocado, crabmeat wrapped with tuna & served with Chef’s signature yuzu sauce. His signature yuzu sauce...well, seems to be a signature (I guess it's called that for a reason) on many of the sushis. 

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Mango Waikiki Roll: Fresh salmon, avocado topped with mango & red tobikko & Chef’s signature mango sauce

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Volcano Roll: Crabmeat mix, avocado & cucumber, topped with spicy tuna, spicy salmon mango with Chef’s signature sauce.  It actually comes complete with a flambe, as suited to its moniker.

Location: Yama & J Fusion Buffet M-6-1 Palm Square Jaya One Jalan University 46200 Petaling Jaya (above StarBucks)

Tel: 03-7931-7372/016-381-8896

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