Friday, November 21, 2014

Maison Francaise Revisited, Under Chef Thierry Le Baut

I know Abba is Swedish, but everytime I hear "French" I think of that song, "Our Last Summer"....walks along the Seine, laughing in the rain....(a rhyme cheesier than camembert)...And my last visit to Maison Francaise (on Changkat Kia Peng, not gay Pareeee), WAS probably last summer.  Actually, yikes, how fast time flies, it was in July 2013, HERE.

With such fond memories, needless to say I was thrilled to be reinvited back to sample the new offerings of the new Chef Thierry Le Baut who hails from Britanny, France.  (I must research into that name, it's like naming a town in Malaysia "Singapory")

Nothing like a little tipple to give that slight buzz, from wherefore cometh the dormant wit for interesting dinner repartee.

The goat's cheese basket is amazing.  Creamy goat's cheese, beautifully presented in a crispy taco like shell, but of course, not a taco, with rocket, an olive tapenade quenelle.  The visual itself is so stunning that it almost seemed a shame to dismantle the entire assembly just for the sake of eating.

Seared Burgundy Snail, rocket, blini and garlic butter.  Alright, this is really an acquired taste.  And since it was prepared by a French chef, I am assuming that this is the normal way the snails are eaten, as opposed to the way we are more accustomed to eating them here, which is normally drowning in sauce so you really can't tell if its a snail or a clam or what not.  These Burgundy snails have a very earthy taste to it, almost as if they were partying in a nearby garden just before they were cooked.

Grilled French Foie Gras, crispy provencal, Figs Filo and Figs Sauce.  A truly inspired dish by Chef Thierry.  The melt in the mouth decadent Foie, with that subtle sweetness of the fig, I can only dream of it now, as a FIGment of my imagination... .  That Fig Filo added a fabulous dimension to the dish.  That crispy filo, the firm fig, and the soft foie gras, a symphonic orchestra of flavours and textures.

Turbot Charged!!! Turbot and Asparagus Puree.  I love asparagus, and I loved this puree.  That asparagus mousse crowning the slice of fish was absolutely delicious.  The fish was well seared, crisp skin, and moist flesh.

Dover sole on Herbed Raviolis.  This particular dish we felt was a bit overcooked, rendering the sole a bit lost.  Get it? Lost sole?  But yeah, perhaps our need to photograph the dish cooked the fish itself in its residual heat, but by the time it entered our palate, it was rather overcooked.

Grilled beef tenderloin, sichuan pepper sauce and potatoes.  No mis-STEAK here,  it was  perfectly grilled, loved the bits of crimson red, implying that it was mooing quite recently.  Okay, didnt really care much for the foamy bits.


Because we still looked hungry after those first SIX dishes, Sainy Chun, the gorgeous proprietress, ordered some extras for us, and their signature Lamb which was oh so good.  Sitting regally (albeit regally dead) on a bed quinoa, Baby potatoes and baby tomatoes giving birth to ratatouille.  I always say I am not a lamb fan, and as I age, even less so, but this lamb was sublamb!!!! (sublime)

Pistachio and Amaretto Entremet (classy word for "cake"), with Pistachio Ice Cream.  Elegance on a plate, I say.  Light ethereal sponge sandwiching a silky rich mousse paired perfectly with the creamy ice cream.

Mango Mousse and Mango Sorbet. Okay, the mango mousse is like a richer version of the mango pudding you get at dim sum places, but is really mango packed.  As the flavours of the sorbet are totally refreshing.

That's us happy diners with Chef Thierry..

Check out my earlier post for the various spaces available in Maison Francaise, which makes it a perfect venue for events, etc.  They even have an outdoor pool area for poolside parties.

5 Jalan Changkat Kia Peng
50450 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia
Tel: 03 21441474


Tuesday to Sunday: 11.00am - 11.30pm (last order)
Monday : Closed.


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