Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Svago Cucina E Musica At KLCC

My recent experience at Svago Cucina E Musica At KLL

You can read the full review here... on Findit

I will not regurgitate what was written about Svago in, but basically, I found the place on the pricey side, and the fact that only serve imported bottled water, without even the option of a cheaper local brand, was really off putting.  It's one thing to pay for good food, but seriously, we're not in the middle of the sahara, and it's a pet peeve of mine to feel slaughtered because of water.  Nor did they have the house sauvignon blanc that I wanted, so had to settle for the Pinot Grig, which was more expensive, ...marginally, but that's not the point.  One would expect an establishment as this NOT to run out of your house wine, surely.  How difficult can it be to stock a house wine.

The buns and butter were the best things about this place.

Soft shell crab salad.  It was passable, but nothing to shout about.  (RM44.50 net)

The Clam Chowder (RM32.50) was excellent, though not hot enough, but I suspect it's only the chinks who like to scald their tongues whilst drinking soup.  Creamy but not chokingly so, and small but fresh clams which were succulent and went well with the lovely crusty buns.

King Scallops with Charred Corn, RM103 (prices are net, inclusive of the oppresive mandatory taxes).  From the sample given to me by the wife, it was rather tough and leathery, which is a pity because it LOOKED so promising.  Actually I am not sure if it's the genus of scallop that imparts the various textures, but I personally like the texture of scallops in chinese restaurants, which are served with stir fried vegetables.  The flavours are retained, there's a sweet succulentness about the whole thing.

My Black Angus Ribeye with a hint of watercress (the mains do not include sides, which start at RM14  per side), at RM150 net ...well, to put it mildly, was spectacularly average.

There's a lovely bar area overlooking the KLCC park and fountains, which actually, our window side table should have the same view, but the windows hadn't been cleaned for awhile I gather, so it was like staring into a THICK FOG, where you pray you don't hit an iceberg.

Located at the corner of Suria KLCC on the Mandarin Oriental side, on the first floor above Limoncello.

Again, read the full review HERE.

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Ciki said...

aiiikaramba!! LOL... spectacularly average.. what a shame. and YES! I hate paying for exp water too! just boil it or filter it for crying out loud. We already pay thru our noses for the food.. pfft! Well, honestly written account