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Siam New Stuff At Rama V

I always enjoy going to Rama V.  Not least because the owner, Andre Shum, is a great friend, and well, perhaps by virtue of that declaration, any review of the place could be viewed as somewhat biased.  However, one tries one's best to be as objective and impartial as possible when doing these writeups.

Unveiling their menu, this post is actually highly belated, but apologies, especially to Andre, for the delay.  You see, I've been rather jet set.  Anyway better late than never, and writing about it now means any kinks would have been ironed out by now.

We start with Mieang Kam (RM22) - ATraditional Thai Hors’ Doeuvre consisting of the rather herbally pungent Kadok leaf, which is used as a wrap for various condiments, such as nuts, onions, chilli padi, fried shrimp, etc.  with a lovely sweet salty spicy sauce which has elements of palm sugar, and coconut.

Popiah Sod Ped (RM26)- Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Roasted Duck.  Whilst it was tasty and full of flavour, our grouse was that it wasn't ducky enough.  We could barely taste the roast duck, which defeats the purpose of the moniker.  Add a little more meat and these spring rolls will spring to life.

NEUR DAD DEAW (RM28)- Thai Salted Sun-Dried Beef, the closest description I can think of would be beef jerky Thai style.  Spiced up with garlic, and other thai spices, the chewy gamey texture of the beef is certainly not for you if you are wearing dentures.  But it is a great accompaniment for alcohol, and is a great starter food.

YAM THA WIE (RM24)- Ancient Thai Salad.  Must be a salad for the royals, as the dish is embellished with prawns, and not your normal run of the mill salad stuff with a lovely dressing which puts all your vinaigrettes and what nots to pale shame,

And it has egg.  Any dish with egg, to me, is a sure winner.  I'm eggalitarian that way.  Then purple orchid flower really is to a dish what make up is to a woman.

TOM KONG PLA KROB (RM16/bowl)- Spicy Clear Soup with Thai Smoke Fish and Thai Herbs.  I guess our limited knowledge of foreign ethnic foods tends to make us believe that the only soup the Thais have is Tom Yam, which is probably as insulting as assuming the Chinese only have egg drop soup,  This lovely spicy broth is choc full of a plethora of tastes and smells, not unlike its Tom Yam cousin.

Ciki's guest, CHYUAN TIFFIN (an accomplished cook himself)  doubles up as a lamp has to give these people some sense of worth while attending these reviews if they are not writing or doing anything else useful.

Chu Chee Kung Me Nam (RM58 per pc)- River Prawn Served with Thai Chili Herbs & Paste.  Although the price tag of RM58 may sound exorbitant, it's actually what those sang har mee places are charging, per prawn, more or less, in far less comfortable surrounds and ambience.  Anyway, the succulent river prawn, with that glorious Choo Chee sauce which seems to incorporate the roe from the head, to give a luscious creamy finish.  So worth it.

Is this a lobster disguising as a prawn???  Just look at that sauce.  I'm going to have wet dreams tonight just remembering it.

PAD COD NEUNG RAD SOD MANOW RM100- Steamed Cod Fish in Manow Sauce Accompanied by Mango Chutney.   No complaints here, in cod we trust and it did not faileth us.  Loved sipping the "soup" in which the cod was swimming.  The mango chutney added an interesting dimension to what was otherwise steamed cod.  (but hey, when it comes to cod, I'm all for simplicity)

SEAU RONG HAI (THE TIGER WEEPS) - FROM ISAAN REGION RM40- Thai Styled Grilled Australian Tenderloin Steak served with Tamarind Sauce.  Unfortunately, we had to send back the first  plate of this, because the cow was still mooing.  The second attempt was better, but I didn't care much for this dish, as I found it ...well, much like a normal steak, except sliced for you.  Even the cornucopia of seasoning like burnt rice couldn't disguise the fact it was basically, a steak.  But if you are a carnivore steak lover, then heck, it's cheaper than eating a tenderloin anywhere else, I can tell you.

Some greens,  PAD KA-NA PLA KEM RM24, - Stir Fried Kai Lan with Salted Fish, thrown in for good measure, and roughage.  This dish is living proof that the peoples of South East Asia are one, or had some common ancestry.  It seems to be quite a universal way (amongst Asians) for cooking Kai Lan.

I have to say I love the Thai desserts at Rama V.  They're delightfully elegant, and not overly sweet.  My favourite is their arduosly laboriously made lup chup, but there was none that night.

Assorted Thai Desserts (Taco, Steamed Tapioca, Thai Jelly)

Mango with Sticky Rice.  The general consensus was that the coconut wasn't thick enough and it resembled barley water

My all time favourite Thai dessert, Thup Thim Krub.  Crunchy red rubies (water chestnut coated in red jelly), in a pool of rich coconut milk, with sweet jackfruit.

I liked that steamed tapioca thingie.  Reminded me of the Japanese occupation when that was all we had to eat.

Thanks again for a lovely evening of great company, great food and great restaurant.  

5, Jalan U Thant, Kelab Golf Diraja Selangor, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
03-2143 2428

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