Sunday, November 15, 2015

Whisky Pairing Dinner At Imperial China (Tai Thong Group)

Ever since I attended the launch of 56 Degrees , I've been wondering how they were doing, so when Eddy of Tai Thong group told me he was organising a whisky pairing dinner with the aforementioned tipple, I was rather intrigued.

The diners were in a small ball room, all decked up, very boudoir like, with dim lighting, to set the mood.  At RM1,888 nett per table, you get a chinese banquet and TWO bottle of 56 Degrees.  Our table managed to finish one bottle, which makes me wonder what happened the second bottle which disappeared mysteriously, so much so the handful of us who wanted the "one for the road" didn't manage to get it.

Paired with a whiskey cocktail, either the 56 Escape or the Scottish Lass, (both of which I found too sweet, and therefore just stuck to the old man style of whisky on the rocks), crispy crab dumpling with Wasabi Dressing, with deep fried pumpkin and lotus root with salted egg.

Doesn't get  any more obvious than this....

Lobster with fresh fruit salad with Italian Vanilla dressing, impressive platter by any standard, and the lobster meat was firm and fresh, although a bit drowned in the fruit salad. ..

Sliced chicken with foie gras and almond, very yummy indeed, although I could not taste any foie gras, but the lovely crispy skin was a winner..

Crab With Roasted Sesame Sauce wrapped in egg roll topped with shredded coconut and fish roe.

My favourite dish of the night, Double Boiled Village Chicken soup with apricot kernels and snow pear. A cleansing feeling permeated the palate with the chicken soup for the heart and soul kind of goodness.  I love the crunchy apricot kernels too.  Wonder if they're laced with arsenic.  I recall watching an episode of CSI I think it was, where the villain had painstakingly accumulated sizeable amounts of arsenic from peach pit.

The quintessential dish in banquets that make it a banquet, at least a Chinese one, Spice Roast Suckling Pig, ...gorgeous crispy skin that melts in the mouth together with that layer of lard beneath.

A lovely palate cleanser...Chilled Ambarella Juice Shooter...(actually I am sure there is no such word in English, it's the "kedondong" in Malay, or the "amballa" or "umpala" in some chinese dialect, and is widely served in Penang)..

Yin Yang Estuary Tiger Grouper Grilled with Caremlised Onion & Sauteed with XO sauce, Celery and Apple...I was hoping to try the crispy bits of the dish, but the waiter took it away to chop up and never brought it back...either that or it was lost in translation.

For the grand finale, Braised Abalone (14 head), Sea Cucumber Stuffed with Tuna and Wanton.

I loved the abalone, it was succulent, and well braised, and tender,  Didn't think  very much of the wanton, but the sea cucumber was interesting,

Leo's (Chasing Food Dreams other half) sea cucumber was the spikiest and most photogenic of the lot....
Dessert was chilled layered dessert of black sesame, mango and fresh milk, mini pumpkin dumpling with sweet potato and cheese sweet corn bun sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Quite a clever photo caption I have to say....

The promotion is on going, and is pretty good value considering you get two bottles of whisky.

For more info or reservations:
3rd Floor, Jaya Square,
No. 7343, Jalan SS17/2,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: +603-5636 1266


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