Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Christmas Dinner at Makan Kitchen, Doubletree by Hilton KL

We are assailed by a slew of Christmas dinner choices, it will be very hard to choose which one to go for IF I were around for Christmas, but thankfully I am not, so I shall just be grateful that I don't have to make difficult choices.

Laid out in festive decorations, Makan Kitchen is having 5 special roasts, but to my surprise, it's only going to be available on Christmas eve, 24th December, at RM145 nett per person.   They also have a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Hi Tea, at RM105 nett per person, whilst Tosca is also having a 5 course Christmas Eve set dinner under the newly appointed Executive Sous Chef Filippo Giunta, at RM260 nett inclusive of wine pairing.  What is a Christmas dinner with the odd tipple or two.

Makan Kitchen's 5 roast include a Roasted Trout with Tandoori Spices...

Five Spice Roasted Whole Turkey

Honey Glazed Turkey Ham With Caramelized Sarawakian Pineapple

Roasted Lamb With Rosemary Masala Spice Rub... and a curry rubbed Australian Prime Rib Roast...

Lovely sides of roasted potatoes, with blanced greens, including my favourite brussel sprouts and green beans, .... Bear in mind, you have the entire salad and buffet spread of Makan Kitchen at your disposal over and above these 5 roasts, so even if none of these greens tickle your fancy, you will get your fair share of fiber....

The Trout with tandoori spices is rather unique, and the skin of the fish is nicely crisped and exceedingly aromatic with the tandoori...you could actually request their signature cheese naan to go along with this.

Tureky stuffing, ....very filling, so proceed with caution...

Yorkshire puddings to accompany the roast Prime Rib, or lamb, whichever you prefer...

Lovely slices of Prime Rib .... Not overdone, and lovely marbling... Good enough on its own without any gravy.

Five spice roasted whole turkey, which I found dry, perhaps because I was having the breast meat.  Apparently it's roasted chinese style, hanging like a roast chook or goose, in the oven.

 However, the turkey ham, with Caramelized Sarawakian Pineapple, for as Chef Eric Siew said, how can they not feature the famous Sarawak pineapple which is so sweet and fragrant, was wonderfully moist and would almost give its non kosher counterpart a run for its money.  Needless to say, the pineapple is lovely.

If you ask me, this meal, because it is part of the larger buffet, is certainly very good value for money, at RM145 nett.

For reservations:
Double Tree by Hilton KL
Tel: 603-21727272

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