Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Strongbow Cider Launches Red Berries

As the sun set over the magnificent skyline of Kuala Lumpur, perched high above in Troika, in Cantaloupe Sky Dining, was the launch of a new flavour of Strongbow Cider.  It didn't seem so long ago they launched the elderflower, honey and gold flavours, and from experience, the Strongbow cider launches are always quite fun.

This time round though, I have to say GAB and the PR company totally outdid themselves... a fabulously elegant event, with fantastic food to pair with the ciders.

The super cool furniture made from cardboard....

The stage was set ...

And amazing almond panna cotta with avruga caviar and smoked maple syrup...to die for, and I personally thought it paired best with the elderflower..

Unbelievably plump oysters, with ginger flower and ceviche espuma.

Hans Essaadi, Managing Director, Guinness Anchor Berhad (Malaysia) and Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director, Guinness Anchor Berhad (Malaysia), without much ado, launched the limited edition red berries...

A lovely refreshing drink, (albeit a bit on the sweet side), the red berries cider has a very festive feel about it, and that gorgeous shade of crimson somehow is very conducive to a party mood.

The event is made even more festive with the presence of good company...

Paired with the Strongbow Gold, this perfectly seared scallop had met its match.  The sweetness of the cider together with the brininess of the scallop ...ah, wonderful.

Strongbow elderflower with the Smoked salmon on confit potato.... another stunning match, as the floralness of the elderflower cuts through the "fishiness" of the salmon.

And the sunsets on a lovely day, with the slight warm buzz by imbibing like 10 glasses of cider... here's the thing about cider, it really fills you up before your reach the kind of highs that is expected of alcohol.

Breaded organic chicken, paired with Strongbow Honey ...Honey is my least favourite of the lot, because it really is very sweet.

Hickory Smoked Wagyu tenderloin..... also paired with Strongbow Honey.  I guess the slight hint of smokiness did go well with the sweetness of the honey.

And finally, desserts paired with the red berries cider, which was a lovely end to the evening.

Watch out for Strongbow Red Berries cider, which isn't always available apparently, and is a limited seasonal edition.  Pity, it would make a good drink for the ladies.

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Ciki said...

Great company n strong cider.. can't ask for more! :P