Monday, January 29, 2007

Share Share La.

Hi [FBB]...***** here...just log into yr blog ...looks like u don't post yr recipes online secret...anyway don't keep it from me pls...yr fruit cake looks very good...need yr recipe for that as well as yr godma's butter and that banana walnut....can u email me at *******

I got the above message on msn today, by a friend.

Actually, just yesterday, some friends were saying that they were surprised that I do put up recipes at all, if I was doing this commercially. But hey, I am of the opinion, it's better to share than not to. Afterall, you can literally get recipes ANYWHERE anyway, and people who order cakes from you don't do so because they can't find recipes, but it's because they either can't be bothered to bake, or are intimidated to do so. If they want to bake, they are gonna bake regardless....all it takes is one google search and you'll have enough recipes for a lifetime.

I guess one reason why I DO want to put up recipes, apart from my ahem, gregarious sharing nature, is so that people can see what good stuff goes in. So really, tis more blessed to give than to receive, as the biblical quote goes.

I'll put up the fruitcake recipe soon enough. I'm still on the quest for Mrs Shan's recipe though, our ex neighbour who makes the most sublime fruitcake. As she is Catholic, I was hoping that the fruitcake in RC cookbook was similar, but it wasn't. And no point putting up the butter cake recipe until it was been perfected.

Meanwhile, I had the most wonderful homecooked peranakan food on Saturday night, at ELR's abode. Company was great, food was divine. Imbibed copious amounts of Moet with fresh strawberries, for starters. Princess D's vodka jelly was VERY potent...We started with a tantalisingly refreshing and tangy salad, with raisins that complemented the sour dressing exceedingly well. When the Newlywed Young Lawyer and Wife arrived, we had already started on the mains, which was Babi Assam, absolutely superb, ...a mix of pork with tamarind, lemongrass and other stuff that made it really appetising, curry Chicken, with drumsticks the size of turkey legs, made from special curry powder all the way from Malacca. There was a lovely beef rendang, which was in itself delicious, but eclipsed by the other two dishes, and a lovely aubergine dish. Problem with this kinda food, you really load up on the rice. Yummmmmmmmy.....!!!

Oh, on Friday night, we were at Isthmus for the KLUE Martell dinner. Met legendary food blogger Boolicious aka Masak Masak there, as well as prolific blogger Meiyen. For full account of the night, read in other blog, here.


backStreetGluttons said...

ahem, it is no secret why u r fat !

MeiyeN said...

nice meeting you there, mr. ir! must say that you are such a nice and funny guy ;) thanks for da fruity cakes, it's awesome!!!!!!!!! love it lots as it tastes so good! :D

O_o i am a prolific bloggeR? really that productive huh? :p

Tracy Tan said...

i can only say thanks for sharing! and you are so right about getting recipes off the internet. the only difference is, for most, the cakes don't usually turn out right :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I do wonder if I can really trust recipes from books or over the net... most of the time, the cakes just won't turn up like the pictures shown and taste wise..very subjective too. So most of the time I will fine tune a recipe I like to my taste.

My mom ever told me that a lot of times people will add in one or two secret ingredients or steps which will make the end products taste a whole lot different.

Flower said...

I know several people who refuses to share their recipe because they scared we might 'potong jalan' and tutup their 'lubang' business. But just like you said, those people that buy, they buy because either they are intimidated with the recipes, hard for times or just could be bothered making the things themself. To me sharing is giving and loving. If they still want to potong jalan, then its their losses.

Tummythoz said...

Still very safe to share baking recipes with me. Got no oven.

fatboybakes said...

yar, the only ingredient which you probably cant replicate is the LURVE that i put in lar....otherwise, its ceterus paribus.

Rasa Malaysia said...

FBB, we are planning a mini floggers get together when I go home to Malaysia during CNY. Are you interested in joining? I do not have your email, please send me an email at if you are interested.

Audrey Cooks said...

Very well put FBB, recipes are to be shared not taken to the grave ... serves no purpose at all.