Thursday, August 07, 2008

Aging Gracefully At The Mill

Handling the sensitivities of an aging woman is like balancing an egg on a rhinos horn. On the one hand, they want to be hip, but on the other hand, one has to take into account that loud music might just complete the process of deafness that has already started. So certain places are omitted automatically. As due to budget constraints, we couldn't afford any party pills....

Yeah, so for Dive Wife's 4?th birthday, Lemongrass (god bless her), who had recently become good pals with Dive Wife, and I planned with great pains, a venue for dinner, AND for drinks later on. We were originally set for Chiaroscuro, after Nipple's glowing review, and adjourn thereafter to a hip bar called PULSE at the Grand Millennium. It's the old Regent, for those of you who ask, "WHERE?"

Not only content with dinner, the birthday girl, (guffaw, that's a bit of a misnomer...".girl", hahahah), also requested that we bring along some entertaining young men. The Empress Dowager syndrome I think sets in after a certain age. Hairy Berry, her absolute favourite, was cavorting with Aisywara Rai in India that weekend. So a substitute had to be found. And a goodie bag promised for whoever shall produce the play "poodle". And Lemongrass very ingeniously asked Kenny Mah.

Two days before the event, I get that sms, dit dit, diddit... "Stanchart Cardmembers, 50% off buffer dinner at the Mill, Grand Millennium". About to delete it, when I thought, HEY, isnt that where we're going AFTER dinner? FIFTY PERCENT OFF WOR!!!! I could see money with wings flapping back into my wallet.

So it was settled then, we go for the cheaper option. Kenny Mah was the first there. I don't know if he came by broom, but we got stuck in a massive jam from Pavilion.

Anyway, nothing warms the heart more than seeing this:

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This particular sign made our eyes light up as if you had shone a torch into a dumb blonde's ears!
With the 50% savings off our food bill, we could certainly afford this bottomless wine offer.

The buffet spread was ostensibly Middle Eastern in theme, with belly dancer thrown in for good measure. But apart from her, (Belly Dancer) and some waiters wearing a Fez, and a small section of Middle Eastern cuisine,.....hmmmm,.....nothing much else reeked of the troubled region.

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Ouzi lamb with basmati rice....

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Love the copper bowls. Don't really care for its contents.

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This is VERY middle eastern. Sushi....and sashimi...

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Salmon was fresh enough, no complaints, and prawns rather large.

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The lamb and basmati rice, something like briyani, was excellent. I love fluffy basmati rice. It makes me feel light.

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I rarely eat cakes at buffets. And I should have stuck to that trend.

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Baklava. Not too bad.

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Chocolate Fountain. Strange really, but I've never been attracted to chocolate fountains. One would have thought that I'd be diving in for a bath, but well, I am oft misunderstood.

So, yeah, the party. Twas great entertainment. Birthday girl should not have opted for the free flow drinks, as she almost toppled after 2½ glasses of red, and had to rush to the loo to what's the word? Powder her nose. In consideration of her deafness, Bald Eagle took pains to speak slowly, loudly and clearly, but even then, a lot of words went amiss. You children out there don't laugh, your turn will come.

By ten, this was what she was doing:

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The darn bar for the bottomless refill closed without giving us a last call, which pissed me off no end.

The birthday girl heard we were going to PILES.

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Love Kenny's description about being frisked ....and how he didnt know bodyguards come in pocket size these days. Hmmm, you sure the bouncer was frisking you for security reasons ah? I didnt get frisked. Now I'm insulted.

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Yalar so there you have it. Old farts clinging on desperately to the last vestiges of their ebbing youth. Heart warming actually. Someone ELSE is hitting 40 soon. Wonder who.


Argus Lou said...

Aiyo, your friends let you put up their pics lie-dat ar?

Guffawed at your "money flying back into your pocket".

Phew, I'm glad I've sashayed past the milestone. But I didn't get no play poodle. Can I have a Hungarian Viszla instead?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Argus. If your friends find out, they're gonna be pissed off, man!! Very very pissed off!! Yeah!!!! (saying it on their behalf mah)

Argus, you want poodle too? Can bring one for you on the 25th. :-D (Sorry, but it'll have to be a recycled poodle --> Kenny)

Argus Lou said...

Other Half tells me there's a rule or something against putting up people's pictures without their permission in a public blogsite, if the pics are from a private function. (Wah, so serious. Sorrylah.)

Anyway, Lemony, I'm a stale 40-year-old, so can accept a stale used-before-but-newly-showered poodle. Heh heh.

Henry Yeo said...

Is this the first picture of LL?

will agree about the alcohol refill, maybe they were losing money that night?

If Kenny looks sub-21 at this age, wonder when will he look his age?

Anonymous said...

Argus, then Kenny'll be perfect. He's a very used poodle (but with good resale value since he's so experienced). Will make sure he's showered, though.

Ciki said...

u went to PILES! that's too much.. that kills me. nice shots.. kenny's shirt looks pinker in his blog :D everybody looks hot.. and happening.. where is FBB??!

fatboybakes said...

ciki, yalor, apparently piles is an old folks home. but drinks are darn exp there man. hey, how come a whole chunk of comments disappeared from your tanjung jara post? i'm taking the photo mah, that's why not in pic.

lemongrass still not talking to fbb, gufffaw, but WHY? you look gorgeous, like a rich datin sugar mommy with her toy boy ma.

henry, no lah, she's already appeared so many times, AND in the centrefold of a newspaper article as well, so her identity is harrrdly a secret.

argus, haiya, all these are friends so familiar, that's why i take ze liberties la. of course i wouldnt with strangers... or less than good friends. eg the birthday girl, i've known her for 25 years. and lemongrass, well, i've clocked up enough msn conversation with her till i can chat with her on my ipaq while i'm doing my business.... heh heh.

used to be friends with lemongrass? is that a typo? used to be friends with fbb you mean? sorry i blur la. just like my pics...

Anonymous said...

Argus: I'll be your Hungarian Viszla any day. ;)

Lemongrass who used to be friends with somebody and no longer speaking to somebody also: Is it just me or is your nickname these days longer than your comments? :P

And I'm not a reused or recycled poodle. Just like FBB was saying, there's RE-Virginization programs available. Just sayin', is all. Ahem.

Henry Yeo: Sub-21? Err... Maybe you need new prescription glasses. May I suggest strong ones.

Cumi&Ciki: My shirt looks pinker in my blog cos I'm not traipsing in the night club in my blog. Disco-shine can sure do strange thing to the colour of one's apparel...

FBB: If it means anything, I posted all these comments here first in your much esteemed blog BEFORE I even replied all those comments on mine. :D

Anonymous said...

Wah Kenny. So diligent in replying to everybody's comments ar? After that pop by my blog pls. There are some comments which need replying to as well. :-P

FBB, I suggest photoshop lessons - how to beautify your new FOTY in 10 steps.

HairyBerry said...

somehow, i felt like i was with y'all that night. perhaps cos i was having basmati and dancing the night away in that part of the subcontinent as well.

in some countries, dogs (i'm sure poodles included) are stewed. and that scares the chocolate fountain out of me.

such amusing post lar, this! haha!

Rarebeet said...

Oooh ooh I know the who turns FORTY!!

Looks like you guys had a blast! I was drinking (ginger ale) around the corner too, why never call?! Sheesh

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah i would with the right mind forget wat flowery review i read and went for 50% off buffet wonderland..or not so perfect land..

free flow alcohol? u sure they didnt finish everything bcoz of u guys thats y they had to stop?

fatboybakes said...

nipples, echerlly at RM42++ per head (after discount), i cant really complain la. free flow alcohol for an additional RM45++. we def didnt finish the stock, i think we only had about 5 glasses of wine each, max.

paps, yalar, blame you know who for not calling you...she was the organiser.

hairy, right, you probably were having such a blast, if our names had cropped up at that moment, you'd have said, "WHO?"

lemongrass, beauty is only skin deep... deep down inside you are a beautiful person, and dont let no one let you believe otherwise.

kennymah, i am honored. and not worthy. bow bow....

Henry Yeo said...

fbb: scrabble? going for australia nationals next year in perth and drink all the clearskin wine I can buy (Mostly self-finance and I do hit a good jackpot once in a while to break even). Don't want to play me, can try hooking you up with newbies at your level (maybe even below your level)

cream & fudge factory? google it.

have fun over the weekend and take lotsa photos. Forgot to ask if they updated the Jampagne buffet menu with any items from the Wagyu & O'toro promotion.

PS: Remember to remind nipples that he has promised to go to Iketeru with the price tag I quoted him.

Anonymous said...

Oh very worthy you most are, venerable sir. At least you don't leave comments seeking my presence in replying comments unlike some almost forty year olds... :P

Anonymous said...

Very Middle Eastern wat... all the hotels here serve practically the same thing...

And you do manage to catch such candid shots of the lovely lady. And to allow it to be shown publicly.. that's 25 years of friendship for ya!

If we still know each other in 2032, you have my permission to put up whatever photos you take of me too... :D

fatboybakes said...

kat, any reason you foresee we wont still be friends in 2032? unless i'm dead. which is unlikely, coz my lifeline dam long wor.


henry yeo, please educate the ignorant. what is clearskin wine? thanks for offer of hooking me up...but playing with friends is already traumatic enough.

daphne said...

age doesnt matter right? They say it's the heart that counts. And that looks like an awesome party. Sorry abt the wine/beer thing though. darn darn.

fatboybakes said...

daphne, indeed, as the song goes, fairy tales, can come true, it can happen to you, when you're Young at Heart.....
ya, it was an enjoyable party, thanks to the supposedly free flow alcohol....that always helps...

Ciki said...

wot ju mean.. wot ju mean.. all comments posted wat.. i am beginning to sense that blogspot is F''kin up my life...

Ciki said...

yar, and anyway, if u were in the pic, all we'd see is ur goatie and ur teeeeeth... u scared of stalkers izit

Argus Lou said...

Oh, FBB, do join Daring Bakers. You're an intrepid baker! MyFoodSafari has given you the email contact on her blog (to apply).

There's a challenge once a month and a members-only forum to discuss all things baking-challenging, but you can only blog about the month's challenge on the appointed day (usually last day of the month). If you miss more than 3 or 4 challenges in your calendar year (without a good reason), you're out. (There's a limited public forum, too.) Membership has grown from 7 to about 300-plus in a year or so.

I'm newly joined and have enjoyed this month's challenge, but we can only blog about it on Aug 31.

fatboybakes said...

argus, aiyo, sounds like such hard work. and that's something i am wildly averse to. but will check it out.

ciki, not scared of stalkers la, just very shy person ma. ya, that's twice i've lost comments in your blog. its a veritable blackhole of comments for me....just vanishes!!!!