Monday, July 25, 2011

A Royal Dessert Experience with MAGNUM

The press release says: (It's nice when you don't have to crack your head on what to write)

"Belgian chocolate (yummmm) is appreciated as the finest and most premium chocolate (amen to that sistah), born to indulge the royalties. (and plebians alike). To give that touch of luxury and even MORE pleasure for ice cream lovers, MAGNUM (the Ice Cream, not the 4D fellas), will be introducing premium ice cream later this year which will feature Belgian chocolate in every bite. We wanted our guests to experience the wonders and quality of Belgian chocolate, and thought what better way than to experience it through this royal dessert class", explained Hugo Verkuil, Foods Director of Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

It's strange, in all my years as a food blogger and after numerous invitations, chocolate events hardly ever came by, but that particular week, I had TWO invitations to chocolate events. I felt like Johnny Depp...well, okay, I know the resemblance is startling.

On top of the promise of an afternoon of indulgence, an added bonus was the dessert making session at SENSES, under award winning Chef De Cuisine ....drum rolll......CHEF MICHAEL ELFWING. (Who? I think I may have met him somewhere before).

I'm not sure what chocolate the current Magnums use, but to me, its pretty good as it is, so I can't wait for when they coat it with BELGIAN chocolate.

Welcome remarks by Mr Hugo Verkuil, Foods Director of Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd.


We are given samples of Belgian chocolate to try, from milk, to dark to very dark, (above 75% cocoa solids)

The many faces of Lil Chef.... contrary to initial impressions, he's quite the joker!

The kitchen is abuzz with activity as we're split into various groups, making "My (his, as in Michael Elfwing) One Minute Chocolate Tart...misleading, coz it actually goes into the oven for a minute, it doesnt take 1 minute to prepare, Belgian Chocolate Truffles, Dark Chocolate Parfait and Chocolate Leather. My group was tasked with the One Minute Chocolate Tart, which we did pretty fast, to the surprise of Michael, who gave this look of disbelief when we were done. Actually, I have newfound admiration for chefs who slog away in the kitchen. It is definitely not all cosy and cool as it would seem. Perhaps the hordes of people added to the temperature, but it sure felt like a sauna in there, I am surprised the chocolates didnt just melt from all the body heat.


After the dessert making thing, we were treated to more ice cream, together with a rarely seen naked magnum, to be dipped into freshly melted Belgian chocolate, and topped with topping of choice.


You gotta get your hands dirty if you want to make them Belgian Chocolate Truffles.

Lovely ladies showing off their truffling skills.

Michael & Hugo weaving in and out of the chocolate sauce to make their own creations.

Can there be a more decadent sight.


That's what a naked virgin looks like. (the ice cream, I mean. These white untainted popsicles were specially made for this occasion. You cannot buy them retail).

Pure, dressed in white, like a bride waiting for makeup.

I had to rush off before the proceedings ended, but here is a half finished plate of the dessert. The blotches of chocolate are meant as an adhesive to stick the finished tart and truffles onto the plate.


Michael Eflwing's One minute chocolate tart.

I have to thank AWhiffoflemongrass for reminding Carole of Salina & Associates PR SB that I love chocolate, and hence scoring me an invite to this lovely afternoon soiree.

Can't wait for Magnum to unveil their Belgian Chocolate range!


Ciki said...

i wonder what the naked virgin taste like. ( i meant icecream la!)

qwazymonkey said...

Oooh, the naked virgin needs to be tanned a lil more lah.. so white not nice. LOL

Baby Sumo said...

Love Magnum icecream as it is.... but curious how it will taste will Belgian chocolate! :)

KY said...

i have way too much of these, like every other day :X

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Sigh, I missed out on so much fun. You're such an amazing photographer. The people photographs are especially nice. Perhaps National Geographic after this?

Anonymous said...

I find Magnum ice cream irresistible It's my little guilty pleasure I get to award myself after a long day.