Tuesday, September 04, 2012

When Life Gives You Royce Chocolates... You Make Royce Rolls

A few days ago, the very nice ladies from Royce Chocolates, Elaine & Christine, sent me an email asking if I've heard of Royce, etc etc. Considering I walk past their BV outlet almost daily, the question was a bit redundant, and also recently I had the luck to be sampling their caramel potato chips, which is sheeeeer decadence on earth, courtesy of Makan Fairy Godmother and Paranoid Android.

So I was thrilled when they (the Royce girls) told me to stop by at the BV outlet to collect some chocolates to try. Now, honestly, Royces to me are luxury items, and I would buy them as gifts, but frankly, I would not buy them to indulge myself, because I am a frugal stingy cheapskate who doesn't even wear a watch. I have on several occasions been lucky enough to receive them as gifts, and have always totally enjoyed them.

The Royce outlet in BV is located next to Auntie Anne's pretzels, just next to Village Grocer, across from Starbucks and Plan B, so anyone with half an eye would not miss it. It looks classy, so not a place riff raff such as myself is likely to frequent.


I was given three varieties to sample....The Ghana Bitter, which I have yet to open, saving it for a special occasion. Oh, during the course of our correspondence, I did indicate my preference for Dark Chocolate, and not milks, and although I am partial to the odd drink or two, I somehow do not enjoy liqeur chocolates. It's like how I don't like sauce on wagyu. Some things are just meant to be untainted.

The Criollos are lovely dark chocolates, not too sweet and not too bitter, and I had to apply the brakes before I finished the whole box myself. So easy to eat, and so easy on the palate.

Royce Potechi Crunch Chocolate - This one has nuts, rice crispies (or something similar) and milk chocolate. Kids loved this, though I found it a bit sweet.

Now, here's the thing. What does one do when you are given three boxes of Royces? Ta dah, ..I present you ...the ROYCE ROLLS...


A moist chocolate sponge roll, with a rich ganache filling, (I couldn't get myself to waste the Royces on the ganache, so used a lesser chocolate for that, but added chopped bits of the Criollo and Potechi into the roll itself.


The result? Totally decadent. What would be even more decadent? Using the Dark Royce for the ganache...making it a 100% Royce Roll...but well, I didn't have that much Royce on me.

Thanks Royce for the totally decadent and delicious treat.


Wilson Ng said...

i wonder how much is the retail of this rolls royce?

Unknown said...

delicious and decadent!

ms.bulat said...

i lovee royce! the royce rolls looks damn good ! at least its cheaper than Godiva