Friday, July 17, 2009

Nirvana After Hangover

....And I'm not talking about an enlightened state of nothingness as espoused by Siddharta Gautama. Coincidentally, as I write this, a group of food bloggers are headed up north, for a Nirvana Kurt Cobain Lives Roadtrip.

We were all curious to meet this chappie, Paranoid Android, the other winner of Ciki's Slogan Contest. The prize was a pink parasol. The generous fella had actually offered to buy us all lunch at Neroteca, but of course, being Malaysian and all, all very "scared breath" (hak hei), and declined the offer of free food from a complete stranger. Afterall, he could be stalker material right.


Now, it did not help that I was suffering a mother of all hangovers from excessive whiskey the night before, at my bro in law's birthday, .....Ciki had to choose a sweltering oven of a place to meet. Hangover, heat, crowds, meeting new people, reeking like a brewery and have to make pleasantries, argh, what a combination. Yeah, the crowds at Nirvana were spilling over, on the sidewalks of Bangsar.... what an unfortuituous location for them. Booming business, but unlikely prospect of physical expansion, as they're sandwiched between Ambank, and Czip Lee, both of whom are unlikely to relocate in the near future.

Actually, the residual alcohol were still marinading my brain cells, and I only vaguely remember the events of the day. I remember Thamby's mascara running, as she melted under the no aircond, no fan table we were sitting at. Why the woman was dressed for a prom is beyond comprehension. Our table grew, with the arrivals of QwazyMonkey, Boolicious.

Paranoid Android is an ardent fan of Nigel Skelchy, and looked as excited as a adolescent boy meeting Hannah Montana. (I was only recently told of this phenomena). He all of but asked him for autograph. Then again, of course Nigel Skelchy is worthy of adoration and adulation by the entire cake eating fraternity. And before I am accused of being sarky, I mean it wor. He and Allan of course.

I digress. After the awards ceremony, and pink parasol handed over, we started ordering.

Lovely, lots of roughage.

Deep fried bittergourd. I liked it, but I would prefer it crunchier. Thankfully they dont charge by weight though, as we helped ourselves the way you snack on bar nuts.


Lovely papadams. Rumor has it you can actually make papadams in a microwave. Can anyone verify that?

Some red curry of sorts. I am suddenly at a loss for words.

A couple of them had the nasi beriyani gam, which looked damn good. Fluffy basmati rice, with a whole drumstick lying in there somewhere. Perfect for a saturday afternoon, when you can just have a nap after that feast. But alas, not suitable for hangover and nausea.

Boolicious' fried chicken, which was apparently dry.

This was about all I could stomach, the Maggi Mee Goreng, which Thamby had raved about. Her standards are questionable. There is nothing raveable about this maggi mee goreng. Either that or my taste buds were compromised.

The mee mamak goreng, which looked rather good. I think Mowgli had this.


Hairy Berry rests on Thamby's Ample bosom, while Ciki looks on.


See, I told you she looked dressed for a prom. It's a wonder there aren't streaks of make up on her face.

Nirvana, judging from the crowds, is obviously quite a good place for banana leaf rice. And from what I recall, prices are quite reasonable, considering the Bangsar rentals. It's on Jalan Telawi 3, same row as Ambank, Czip Lee, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, etc.


petite nyonya said...

wow, look at all those wonderful indian food! yummy! btw, apart from the nice photographs, you write and bake really well too. kudos!

Unknown said...

Yes you can microwave - start with 15 seconds... hehe

Rarebeet said...

Nothing better than some spicy, carb-laden Indian food to cure a hangover! Love nirvana but yes the heat is stifling during lunch.

Ciki said...

LOL! dressed for a Prom?! she's gonna killllll u... haha

Mowgli's mee mamak looks JUST LIKE your maggie mee goreng la, wotchu talkin bout:P

I really picked a terrific plc for your hangoever.. didnt I? and.. again, nice 2 meet u, PA!

Paranoid Android said...

Aiyo! I look like i am 7 months pregnant in that photo! Ha ha ha...

Thanks for obliging to attend the meet up, and it was great meeting up with you guys and gals.

reader said...

yes, u can microwave papadams. Less oily that way.

qwazymonkey said...

U remembered all of those minuscule details and took those gorgeous pictures while suffering from a hangover? Way to go Ah Pa!

I wanna grow up just like you. And before you say I'm being sarky, I really mean it hor!

Rebecca Saw said...

bananana leaf rice...Nirwana's one of the best.
hey..dont underestimate the shop, rmbr Devi's? suddenly huge corner lot! And there's a lot of room in Telawi now w some outlets closing...

ToyGirl said...

LL looks so sweet in pink!!!

Spicy food is THE way to cure hangover la. Excellent for waking up those alcohol drowned tastebuds. :p

thule a.k.a leo said...

been to bangsar last Sat evening... but opted for Shivz instead :)
yeah, I've heard about the deep fried brinjal before... sounded famous :)

Thamby said...

I wear waterproof mascara, you bumbling bulbous buffoon.

fatboybakes said...

thamby, how i know...i dunch use makeup ma.

thule, deep fried bitter gourd you mean.

toygirl, you reckon? eugh, no la, i need something soupy for hangovers.

fatboybakes said...

TNG, i meant they cant expand physically at their current location. i dont mean they not doing well. They WILL have to move if they want more space. devi's was kicked out of their old premises, coz owners wanted to convert that whole row to more upmarket, hence chawan.....they didnt go by choice.

qwazymonkey, awww....ayam flattered.

reader, thank you for the tip on papadams

fatboybakes said...

paranoid, no la, not 7 months. i'm 7 months. you prob about 5 la.

ciki, yar, trying to kill me la you.

paps, you gotta be kidding me. its the worst kinda food for hangover.

venetia, i am so gonna try. i lurve papadams.

nyonya, welcome... havent seen you around this neck of the woods. thank you for your kind words.

Chefspiration said...

yes you can indeed microwave papadam...much healthier way to enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

Papadams may be microwaved. Put 5 pieces in it for 45 seconds to 1 minute.
Its less oily but saltier than normal pan fried ones=)