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Bulgogi Brothers, K- Cuisine, Paradigm Mall

Despite the fact that one of my best buds, whom I call "Tiger Brother", is Korean (although like a lot of them, he's now American, but remains fiercely proud of his Korean ancestry), I have never ventured in a big way into Korean food.  Perhaps it's because it's eclipsed by it's neighbour, Japan, and perceived as less accessible.  Or maybe it's just me.  In fact, I think I can COUNT on both hands the number of times I've eaten Korean food.  Heck, maybe even one hand.  But that's about to change.  It is my new cuisine du jour, and I shall make it my 2014 goal to zero in on this very interesting cuisine.

As if it was destiny, I was unable to attend the first round of blogger previews for Bulgogi Brothers, in Paradigm Mall, but then, a SECOND invitation came.  Okay, apart from Lennie, I didn't know anyone else, so socially, it could have been more scintillating, but well, it was my first time at Paradigm, and first time at Bulgogi, so exploration is always interesting.

It is prominently located in the atrium bit of Paradigm mall, (or what appears to be an atrium...being my first time there, I am really unfamiliar with the place).  The press release states that the ambiance is enhanced by contemporary decor, K Pop in the background (it must have been so subliminal that I didn't notice it at all)...

Anyway, this particular invitation was in conjunction with their rolling out of new appetizers and mains.
The sidedishes that are free flow, apparently, if you order from the Bulgogi Brother's alacarte menu.    6 varieties of refillable side dishes, of kimchi, spinach, racdish, spiced watercress, sweet lotus root and mashed pumpkin.   My particular favourite is the mashed pumpkin, the one that looks like ice cream in the upper right frame.

Sauteed Beef Wraps RM19.90 Sogogi Milsasam, naturally colored wheat flour pancake wraps filled with seasoned sauteed beef and crisp julienned potato RM19.90.  Very unique, and flavourful.  The different colors are obtained from beetroot for the red, and natural greens for the green.  The pancakes are a bit thicker than the usual chinese wraps we get with peking duck etc and can be quite filling, so be warned.

Crispy Tofu WIth Chicken (Dubu Chicken) Rm15.90
Golden Brown Tofu with marinated chicken, teriyaki sauce and bean sprouts.  Chicken & Tofu, every kid's (or mine at least) favourite food.  Cannot go wrong and I was glad to note they use succulent chicken thighs rather than dry cardboardish chicken breasts.

Galbi Tang - Beef Short Ribs soup RM39.90
3 hour preparation of rich but delicate soup, made from beef short ribs and korean herbs, served with rice.  If you like the strong bovine flavours of a beef soup, then this is the soup for you, but if you do not like beefiness, then stay away.  I like beef, so this is definitely something I'd order the next time.

Ginseng Chicken Soup, RM45.90, Samgyetang - Whole young chicken stuffed with jujues, ginseng, garlic, chestnuts and stick rice.  A meal by itself, really, and very wholesome.  It reminds me of chicken soup for the soul.  Actually this dish can easily feed 3-4 people if you ask me.

Spicy Chicken Bulgogi RM29.90 - Dak Galbi Bulgogi - Thighs marinated in spicy Bulgogi sauce served with vegetables and rice cakes.  I like the fact that most of the chicken used are thighs.  This very colorful dish is slowly simmered almost stir fried, and served with rice.

Bulgogi Brothers Special, RM81.90, Bulgogi combination of Unyang Style Beef (Pressed into heart shapes), and Gwangyang Style Bulgogi (thinly slices seasoned beef served with mushrooms, sweet potatoes, leeks and onions.  Not too sure what the heart shapes are supposed to represent, maybe a symbol that it's good for the heart... heh heh...

The finished product of the beef...the heart shaped patties are kinda like burger patties, they were sufficiently tender and moist, but I felt that the beef slices were a tad overdone.  Not sure if it was because it was left on the hot plate for photography, but thin slices of beef do tend to get overcooked very quickly.

A little background on Bulgogi Brothers, it was a company founded by Intae Jung & Chaiwoo Yi, and first opened in ...gasp, GANG-NAM.  It has since grown to 40 over outlets spanning the globe from Canada to Indonesia.

For enquiries and reservations, call 03-7887 3542 for the Paradigm Mall outlet.

You can check out their website at www.bulgogibros.com.my or FB page facebook.com/BulgogiBros.My

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Kelly Siew said...

I only really order swine dishes at Korean restaurants, though some of these beef dishes sure look quite good. Sauteed Beef Wraps especially.

Happy New Year btw!