Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Best Meal In the Year of the Snake - KAMIMURA, SHIKI RESORT, NISEKO

Since I missed the deadline for 2013, and it's already way into January, I thought the heading Best Meal of 2013 would be as stale as those done to death jokes revolving around water convulvulus and morning glory.  So being as brilliant as I am, I thought I better catch the next deadline, and seeing as to how the serpentine year comes to an end, I might as well use THAT instead.

Usually I don't bother writing about places I've eaten overseas, because it can come across as err.... bragging, but this time I thought I should make an exception, coz yes, I want to show off.  And really, it was such a fabulous meal, I also want to put it down for posterity, lest we forget.

And because I think my limited culinary vocabulary simply cannot do justice, I shall keep the text to a bare minimum.

Nemuro Salmon Caviar - The sensation of that briny embryo popping in the mouth immediately washes away the guilt that one might be feeling in preventing the birth of more baby salmon.

Simply AMAZING Nemuro Hairy Crab with Cucumber Sorbet.  Just thinking about it makes me swoon.

If this dish were a woman, I'd ask her to marry me.

Did I mention Hokkaido Butter is to die for?  Or worth clogging the arteries for.

Rausu Hokke - Atka Mackerel...

Sempoushi Oyster, with Chorizo Sausage.

Takikawa Duck Breast

Some special chicken dish for the non Beefeaters.  Going to Japan and not eating beef is like going to a pub for coffee.  (with all due respect to the non beef eating people who abstain for religious reasons)

Shiaroui Wagyu Sirloin... I have not lived.

Yoichi Apple, with crumble and vanilla ice cream.  How can something so simple be so divine.

Kamimura and Me.

Thank you to my beloved sister and brother in law for this very generous meal.



Unknown said...

you got me wet!

Caroline said...

Hi Cheng Yi thank you for sharing the pictures with us. May I know what camera do you use to capture these pictures. Thanks.

fatboybakes said...

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for dropping by at the blog. I used a canon point & shoot, Powershot S120 for these pictures.

fatboybakes said...

flabyless, I aim to please.

Ciki said...

zomg.. definitely worth bragging about! And look at the cost.. it is expensive but not as much as I imagined - the items are just so luxe! I'd definitely ask the Shiaroui Wagyu Sirloin if it were a HE! :P

Ciki said...

as in, to marry me.. oops i didn't complete my sentence haha