Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Auchentoshan - A New Malt Order

I've always liked Auchentoshan whiskies, mainly because in the duty free shops in KLIA, they are priced reasonably and are great tasting.  and I usually end up buying the Springwood or the Heartwood.  So, as a drinker of Auchetoshan, I was more than delighted to attend their "NEW MALT ORDER" party at WIP.  Oddly enough, I had been in WIP the week before, and noticed their extensive promotion banners everywhere.

Auchentoshan stands for its artisanal, approachable and alternative take on single malt whisky. This is why we have introduced ‘The New Malt Order’. We want to invite people to explore the diverse taste of single malt whisky in an unconventional way. During the bar takeover, whisky lovers will be able to create bespoke drinks that they enjoy while still amplifying the key flavours of Auchentoshan and delivering the essence of our whisky to patrons” said Sally Lim, Marketing Manager, Beam Suntory South East Asia.

The guests are given a gorgeous goodie bag, and are ushered to the bar to try their signature cocktail.  At this point, you were NOT allowed to have the whiskies neat, hahaha, although some of us did sneakily try.  Pop up stalls and stations were set up, for guests to try their hand at mixing their own cocktails later on in the evening.

Love the goodie bag, and boy, would I like to get my hands on one of those enamel mugs.

The inimitable Jamey Merkel, Brand Ambassador for Auchentoshan (What a dream job), introduced the whiskies, briefly explaining the trending concept of No Age Statements, and the versatility of whiskies in the use of cocktails.  I found particularly interesting the onde onde inspired one which he described, that ubiquitous local dessert of little pandan flavoured balls covered in coconut with palm sugar within, that squirts out ...Basically the strong flavours of coconut and palm sugar are incorporated into that particular cocktail.

Jamey and I.  Food was prepared by guest Chef Christopher Yee to highlight the various nuances of the three varieties of whiskies, and food ranged from simple fish and chips, to wagyu burgers and crowned with little foie gras canapes which were divine, paired with the Three Wood.

Guest Chef Christopher Yee bantering with Jamey Merkel, explaining the concept of the food pairing.

We had the privilege of sampling the three wood, the 12 years and the 18 years.  All of which were splendid casks, but the three wood with the foie gras...ah, paradise on earth.

So then it was time for the highlight of the evening, mixing your own cocktails.
The New Malt Order presents a bold pop-up Taste Experiment Bar, allowing patrons an exciting way to customize how they experience the signature flavours of Auchentoshan - smooth and gutsy, approachable yet complex and secure enough to be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed into a cocktail.
I opted for the spicy one,

My little creation.... As I said, I love those enamel mugs.  Verdict, well, I think I still prefer my single malts untainted with other flavours.  

I look forward to seeing more Auchentoshan in bars around town.  I'm sure it's here to stay.

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