Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tiki Taka.... A Spanish Football Move?

Tiki Taka is actually a Spanish football term, apparently, for short passing movement, and translated into culinary terms, basically it means quick bites, and since there are many movements, quick bites with lots of variety.  Which means Tapas and Pinchos.  What's the difference between the two?  I am not sure how accurate this description is, but thanks to prof McGoogle, apparently pinchos are held together with a toothpick.  Really ah?

Anyway, whatever it is, the two are really like the Spanish dim sum, and TIKI TAKA in Medan Damansara, one of the newest restaurants on that block (Jln Kasah, which used to be Gills), is one of those restaurants that to me, is the PERFECT watering hole, as it has a glorious bar, and well, tapas and pinchos and pizzas really are made for drinkers.

On of the major plus points, in this row that is almost impossible to find parking, is the FREE VALET service...yes, free...but of course, perhaps from the generosity of one's heart one might tip the guy.  Of course, I would avoid bringing a Bentley or Lambo ...if I had either....and would instead bring my Myvi.

We were given the chance to sample almost all their cocktails, this lychee mojitos looked particularly riveting with the two balls of lychee that at a glance look like fish balls...

To start, the Salmon Crema, slices of smoked salmon with blacklumpfish caviar.  RM9 per piece.  Nothing mind blowing, but familiar and very palatable.

This combination of Bacon and Bananas and nutella is pure genius.  RM6 each.  I could easily eat two of these.  There's something indescribable about that saltiness from the bacon upon the caramelised banana...

Just looking at these makes me want to drive over to Tiki Taka now and get some for lunch...  The salted egg crab bun, RM9 and worth every sen.

Singapore Chilli Prawns... Wait, did you say Singapore in a Tapas joint?  Is that like saying British Nasi Lemak?  Actually, part of its charm is, (for us Asians at any rate) is the fact that the menu does seek to incorporate our local favourites into tapas or pintxos form, and they actually have very few selections of "real" Spanish tapas and pintxos per se.  I loved these deep fried mantaos soaked in that chilli prawns gravy, much like the chilli crab we are so familiar with.  RM24

Pork Satay...RM22...pretty good, but if you think about the price of NORMAL satay, hmmm, it seems a bit pricey to be honest.  I mean, usually people dont stop at 1 or 2 sticks of satay right?

Ikan Bakar, RM25, using red snapper.  We found our particular piece a bit on the tough side, which could possibly mean it was overcooked, ...the sambal that goes with it is very good though, which covers a multitude of sins.  However, my personal favourite for ikan bakar is still stingray, (which I hope is not endangered, cos I hardly see them while diving anymore), so it didn't quite do it for me.

Sin Is King RM25.... and

Char Siu Pizzas RM20. both designed for the porcine inclined.  Around 8" diameter, the pizzas are a good size but my comment was that the charsiu could be a little fatter.  This char siu was extremely lean.... Who eats lean char siu, except Singaporeans...

For dessert, nutella wantans, which ironically, I loved the nutella with bacon and bananas, but I didnt particularly like these....

Perhaps its because I am not a nutella fan per se, and whilst the former was masked with bacon and banana, this put the the nutella in forefront.  So if you are a nutella fan, yay for you. RM12

Ice Ice Baby, some new age ice kacang almost, with coconut ice cream, pop corn, toasted coconut, in a combination that works for me.  The crunch of the pop corn gives it that added dimension. RM12.

And of course, which tapas meal is complete without Churros.  RM12.  Pretty good churros.

And now, a whole section dedicated to the Connors Stout. As a Guinness fan, it might be difficult to accept any other stout, so Hans, the owner, decided to "convert" us unbelievers....by using a special technique of pour that he says makes all the difference in the world.

So yeah, basically the three pour pint has that little dimple at the top, and actually, it did taste rather fabulous.

And when you drink it, the "cream" should just line the top of the glass!

Great place for some easy going drinks and tasty variety of food.

And free valet, don't forget.

Thanks to the loveliest cutie couple, broughtuptoshare for the invite.

Address: 138 Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara
Tel: 016-328-7438
Mon-Fri, 4pm-1am; Sat-Sun, 9am-1am.

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