Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mooncakes Episode 2 - Dynasty at Rennaisance Hotel, PLUS All You Can Eat Dim Sum

The seasons really do fly, and in this country, there is always any excuse for some new culinary season to begin, starting with yu sang for Chinese New Year, (which would come shortly after Christmas, before the food has even settled), then there's the Easter feasts, (I am not sure if such excesses are endorsed by the church), Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, which moves a month earlier every year, so that will soon head the year's feasts, somewhere in between there's the dumpling festival, and now barely had the Hungry Ghosts made their way to our realm, already the mooncakes are upon us.

It is no secret, that favourite mooncakes are the traditional ones, with preferably more than two salted egg yolks, with perhaps a hint of lotus, but those are quite rare.

It's been awhile since I've been to the Renaissance KL, and it totally slipped my mind that Dynasty Restaurant there is non-pork free....Lest I confuse anyone, that means, it has pork, and evidently, quite a lot of it.  Since the mooncake preview was to be at Dynasty, plus the added bonus of an "all you can eat dim sum", I made sure I was good and hungry.

A delightful array of snow skin and normal baked skin mooncakes awaited us, posing like divas for the paparazzi.
And yippedee dooo dah, YOLK in tow...

I'm not really a fan of this pastry type skin...though that lotus and egg yolk of course I have no complaints whatsoever.

All in all, they have a selection of 14 types of bakes and snowskin mooncakes, with classics such as the low sugar (another development in recent years that I agree with) white lotus paste with single salted yolk (ARRRRRRRRRGH, WHY SINGLE), and pandan lotus paste with single yolk.  Actually, these classics are my favourite.

The traditional variety are,
assorted nuts and seeds, (Low Sugar) RM30,
pandan with single yolk, RM28,
white lotus with single yolk RM27,
bamboo charcoal green tea with black sesame, RM27,
Shanghai lotus paste with single yolk, RM27,
White Lotus paste RM26,
Red Bean paste RM26.

For the snow skin variety, there's a whole dizzying array of combinations, including coffee paste with marshmallow and nuts, corn paste with raisin, osmanthus paste with dates, yam paste with single egg yolk, white and black chocolate paste with mixed nuts, black sesame paste with green tea...The snowskin variety (mini) are all priced at RM17.50 per piece.

The all you can eat dim sum is available Mondays to Saturdays, 12-2.30pm, and on Sundays and public holidays, 9.30am -2.30pm, and is priced at RM88nett and half price for children from 6-12 years old.

Looking at this glorious egg tart was enough to make my mouth water, and I had to fight all urge to gobble one down while people were still shooting it.

Traditional favourites like siu mai..

Prawn Dumplings with Salad Cream...(lovely crunchy prawns)...

Chives dumpling..

These steamed shanghai dumplings simmered in superior stock are noteworthy, and if I was having the all you can eat, I will certainly eat all I can eat of this.

The salted egg custard charcoal buns are all the rage now, and these were very good as well.  The bun is soft and light, and the filling decadent and creamy.

Their signature chive biscuit...

This rather decadent congee with baby abalone...Love the texture of the congee, perfect and creamy.  Its called Seafood dumpling simmered in consomm√© under Chef's Signature Creation.

I'm not sure if I am a fan of this cheong fun wrapped around a yoo tiao, although separately I like both items.  It's a case for me of the sum being lesser than the parts....but fret not, there are over 30 varieties of dim sum to choose from and even the finickiest of palates should be able to find satisfaction somewhere.

Dim Sum Chef Chong Foo Tuck posing with his mooncake babies.

Me & the debonair Chef Kok Chee Kin, Executive Sous Chef.

For Reservations, please call
Tel: 03-2716 9388

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur, Corner of Jln Sultan Ismail and Jln Ampang
Tel : 03-2162 2233

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