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Valentine's Day At Gobo Upstairs, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur - A Celebration of Lurve (Cough, Choke)

I have to admit that I have somewhat an aversion to "commercialized" celebrations, the worst of all being Valentine's Day.  The one and only time I ever went out for a Valentine's Dinner was circa 1996, when I was still dating the current wife..... we had booked a table at some restaurant in Jln Ampang, now closed of course, (it was either Terrace Garden or La Terrase) and it was so packed, and tables were placed within inches from the next table, so much so I could not only hear every word of the couple next to me, but could have easily stroked the thigh of the person next to me.  Yes, we were THAT close.  Very unconducive, and not cheap.

Now, after almost 21 years of wedded bliss, (cough cough), I still can't get myself to deliberately go for a Valentine's Dinner, not a particularly good endorsement for what I'm about to write, BUT, having said that, if I WAS still courting and trying to impress, then Gobo Upstairs would be certainly shortlisted.  Of course, one can always argue that the celebration of lurve is a lifelong process, and true, by that token, it can be celebrated any day, not only on some vague day named after some vague dead Catholic Saint.

Ah, Gobo Upstairs however is smart enough not to confine the love celebrations to a single day, (which also happens to be too near to Chinese New Year, although admittedly not the whole world is Chinese), so their Valentine's menu is available from 7-14th, which means you can buy roses earlier to celebrate without paying an arm and a leg.

The Menu is priced at RM550 nett per couple, including of two glasses of Prosecco, to set the mood.  The Vegetarian menu is priced at RM480 nett per couple.

To start, the Starry Eyes & Butterflies, which is a fresh Pacific Oyster, with caviar and lemon essence.  My oyster was plump, juicy and fresh, as all clams should be.

The Vegetarian starter, "Beautiful Distraction", was an outstanding Gazpacho Shot, with lemon essence and cucumber pickle  We were fortunate enough to sample a bit of this, and I have to say, it was delicious.

Heaven Sent, (Vegetarian Course 2), compressed duo watermelon with wild rocket, toasted pine nuts and cherry tomatoes.  Okay, it's basically watermelon, red and yellow.

2nd Course for the Main Menu is "FIRST KISS". a seafood mosaic of marinated scallops, shrimps, smoken salmon, crab, avocado and cilantro dressing.  The medley of flavours certainly would be more than a first kiss I'm sure, unless the perpetrator was totally unshy.

HEAD OVER HEELS, the third course, is a chicken consomme soup, with crispy chicken wonton and spicy fragrant oil.  A lovely consomme, (actually Gobo Upstairs has been very consistent with their consommes), and a nice meeting of east and west with the wontons.

However, even better than the consomme, to me, was the 3rd course in the Vegetarian Menu, BURNING LOVE, blue potato soup, onion rings, creme fraiche and chives.  I'm not sure I've ever seen a blue potato, but the end product is a slight purplish colour, which made us believe it was actually purple sweet potato, but no, according to Chef Mun, it is blue potato.  Speaking of Chef Mun, ...a highly eligible, good looking bachelor, who as far as we knew, is still "available" .

ADDICTED TO YOU, a pleasing palate cleanser of lime and lemon sorbet.  Oh, in the normal menu, this is called TWO HEARTS BEAT AS ONE.

ALWAYS AND FOREVER...A choice of either pan seared cod fish with petite vegetables, potato fondant, sorrel cream or Rack of Lamb with Garlic and Herbs, curried couscous, garlic puree, asparagus and mint yoghurt.

I personally preferred the Cod fish. The crust on the rack of lamb was rather good though.  When in doubt, always trust in Cod.

But from the Vegetarian Menu, the mains of Beetroot Risotto, ricotta, hazelnuts and aged balsamic was superb.  SOOOOO GOOOD.  And I'm not even a risotto fan.  Who knew that beetroot can impart such sublime flavours.

SWEET SURRENDER, a truly happy ending, with Raspberry Petit Gateau, mille feullie, mousse, red velvet soil, pavlova, mixed berries compote, edible white chocolate candle.  That heart shaped thing was very yummy, a mousse like panna cotta like...

The girls get this door gift to bring home.... Life is so unfair, why don't guys ever get doorgifts....

And the lovely ladies of Traders Marcomm accompanying us for the Valentine's Preview.

You can also dine on the 32rd Floor at the Club Lounge, at RM750 nett per couple, with stunning vistas of the twin towers, with two glasses of prosecco and free flow wine.  Worth it if you're a wino.

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