Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day One - Zespri ® Kiwi Challenge

I got unwittingly roped into this Zespri ® Kiwi (website here) Challenge by my nemesis, Awhiffoflemongrass.  In true spirit of competitiveness, I embraced the idea the way a lover embraces their returning spouse from the war.  We were told to meet Stella, at a secret location, where she would pass us a secret bag, and say, "listen carefully, I will seh zees only once"...

Armed with a bag of TWENTY FIVE Kiwi, (fruit, not birds), we were given 14 Herculean Tasks to complete over the next few days.

For day one, rise and shine people, to the sunny sunshine of the kiwi fruit.  Actually, we are supposed to have been given some gold Kiwi as well, but I can't find any in my bag that are distinguishably gold, so unless I chop them all open, and am left with none for the rest of the 13 days, I shall just stick to my green sun.

Meanwhile, do meet my mascot, Zekiwi, (the way Sylvester, who thought he saw a puddy tat, would pronounce Zachary) who will, if he survives the fourteen days without rotting, be the master of ceremonies for my own fourteen day journey.

Our task today is to describe the taste of Zespri ® Kiwifruit.  Well,...(Sung to the tune of Elton John's YOUR SONG)

It's a little bit funny, 
this feeling inside,
I'm not one of those who can easily hide,
I've had so much kiwi, and I'm glad I did, 
The bowels move so fast now, What a relief!!!! 

Okay, seriously though, the sweet tangy combination of the fruit, the gazillion seeds that give the crunch, that aromatic smell that assails the olfactory, what's not to like. 

If you enjoyed THIS instalment, stay tuned for the next thirteen days. 


Alice JomMakanLife said...

Hahaha m keeping my eyes peeled on ze mascot!

Ciki said...

ROFLMAO. If Zach rots away by day 14, will you replace him with a double and NOT TELL US!!! :P hahaha

The song is just ludz. Very funny ahpa.