Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Three Lankan-teers Strikes - Suria Cafe, Saujana Hotel

For a limited time, that is from now till 27th June, Suria Cafe at Saujana Hotel is having a "Celebrating the Flavours of Sri Lanka" promotion.  Three Sri Lankan (hence the pun on the title, copy-written by Azhar Ahmad, the PR Exec of Saujana Hotels), Chefs hailing from the Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo (and in an exchange program, 3 chefs from Malaysia have gone over there), are here to cook up a wonderful Colombo-an Culinary Cacophony....

Executive Sous Chef Dodangodage Clifford Nisantha Perea, Senior Sous Chef Liyana Arachchige Anura Wijesiri, and Commis I Udaramba Gamaralage Chandana Jayanath Gunathilake ...did I just develop a finger cramp typing all that? .. are the three featured chefs for this adventure.

Actually, after having sampled the dinner, I can't really say it's all that much different from our local Southern Indian Cuisine, perhaps a little emphasis on some particular spices, like cumin, but the spiciness level is highly compatible with our palate, and I loved their deep fried dried chillies. Definitely a spread that would appeal to Malaysians. 

Cashew and drumstick meat mitikirata.  The cashews weren't crunchy, but rather stewed to almost bean like consistency, which is something different. 

Fish stew, which was my favourite for the night, it had a very "pure" taste, ie, the sauces did not overpower the fish, and it all melded very well.

Festive yellow rice - I can never resist yellow rice, for some bizarre reason. I assume the yellow is from tumeric, but the fluffy grains of basmati with a slightly aromatic flavour of oil I'm guessing is ghee, makes it totally yummy and must have with the array of curries.

Prawn baduma - The problem with these kind of dishes is that it cries out to be accompanied with that lovely yellow festive rice.  Not good if you are trying to avoid carbs at night.  But a match made in heaven for sure.

Lamb black pepper curry - forgot to try this, mainly because I am not a lamb fan.  But it looks delectable enough.

Labelled as Red Chicken, I initially thought it's similar to our Ayam Masak Merah, but actually, it wasn't, and is more like our curry chicken, with a little more spice and kick.

Chicken and vegetable kottu- freshly fried, KY (of KY Speaks) commented it reminded him of the chinese Ju Hu Char.  Well, not really, but it's a very tasty combination of shredded chicken and shredded cabbage, carrots, etc.

Plain and egg hoppers.  This definitely reminds us of our apam, (the thin kind, not the fat one), except you put some very delicious sambal into it. 

An array of desserts.  Like their Southern Indian counterparts, these really are for the very sweet toothed.  Sego, Rice pudding with juggery,Wattalappan, Curd & trickle, Sri Lankan sweet meats


The Sri Lankan food promo is until 27th June, and is priced at RM90++ for the buffet dinner, and RM70++ for the buffet lunch.

For reservations, call 03-78431234 ext 6122 /4717
or email or visit their website, HERE.


KY said...

the hoppers were my favorite!

UnkaLeong said...

Which camera did you use har? The pictures turned out larvely!