Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Backyard BBQ At Ben's, Publika - Fast tracked post


Father's Day is SO much lower profile than Mother's Day, presumably because of the child bearing process.  As an old female friend  once proclaimed, once women discover a way to clone ...err.... that male component that is required for fertilization, men will become redundant.  Very amazonian.

So while for Mother's Day, the previews and the preparations start 9 months before the event, for Father's Day, which is apt, it's almost at the 11th hour.  Heck, even I didn't know when it was.  Anyway, we, meaning the brood and me, were invited to Ben's at Publika to sample their Backyard BBQ, which will be held on SATURDAY, from 12pm all the way to 10pm.  There will be a barrage of activities, I presume with a paternally inclined theme, such as quiz questions like, "WHO WAS YOUR FATHER'S FIRST GIRLFRIEND?" ...we were given a set of cards, very cute, with questions for both father and offspring, like, "What is the funniest memory you have of your father?", and "What would you wish for your kids?" (my wish is that they marry a rich guy or girl so they don't have to work and can bring me on holidays whenever...kidding la, I am shallow, but not that shallow).

 Kids trying their hand at the BBQ. 

There will be RM50 coupons for sale at the site itself, on the day itself, so kids, (or rather, Fathers, since no kids read this blog as it has been rated PG13 many an occasion), want your kids to cook for you, or want to show of your neandarthal alpha male self by slapping on a shrimp on the barbie, head down to Ben's, for an afternoon of fun.  Slap on the sunblock, cos I'm guessing it gets pretty hot out there.

Scenes like this always make me think of Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World. 

Three generations were represented here tonight.... Famous blogger Ciki of CC Food Travel with her dad, and very young looking mum, (not in pic, drat).  Her dad proudly told us how she is an excellent cook, and can cook eggs five ways....half boiled, hard boiled, fried, omelette...and I can't remember the last one. 

I loved the fried parmesan cheese (bottom row, middle).... these are but a fraction of what will be available on Saturday.

Crazy dads doing their thing.  Check out devoted father, baker and chef's blog HERE.
And my own Do-Re-Mi-Fa...really the greatest blessing in my life.  As for father's day, as my own dear father says, "every day is father's day, every day is a celebration".  True, that.   Why limit appreciation to a day in the year?

Thanks Carole for the invite, it was a great night, and lots of fun, meeting with old buddy Dharm, (Dad Baker & Chef), Ciki & Parents.

Ben's. Lot No. : G2 - 37A / G3 - 32, Publika Location, : LEVEL G2. Contact No, : +603-6205 2768.


Ciki said...

LOLOL... So while for Mother's Day, the previews and the preparations start 9 months before the event, for Father's Day, which is apt, it's almost at the 11th hour.. SO SARKY! .. No one will ever dare invite you LATE ever again HAH!! :P

Unknown said...

Great post. I love smoking and grilling, I don't think anything tastes better than ribs that have been sitting in a smoker for several hours! I just bought a 2 in one smoker/grill, but I'm having trouble finding outdoor grill covers for it. Has anyone successfully found a cover big enough for one of these?