Monday, July 01, 2013

Day Two - Monday Blues Are Monday Greens.....Waffling On With Zespri

Time to chase away the Monday Blues and turn it green, with a homemade waffle, and instant kiwi jam.

Instant Kiwi Jam
Step One - Crush up a ripe kiwi...add a tablespoon of sugar if you have a sweet tooth and a dash of lemon juice.
Oh, there's no step two.  Silly me.
Serve on waffle, bread, or pancakes.  

Verdict? Well, at the risk of entering a basket and lifting oneself, I'd say it was a perfect breakfast for Monday morning.  The only thing missing were two half boiled eggs.  

1 comment:

Ciki said...

Just beautiful. Love the way the green color says fresh and sets off the crispy brown of the waffles so nicely!