Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Day 4 Zespri ® Kiwi Challenge - Kiwi-mansi and Kiwi-tini

Since yesterday my nemesis paid such tribute to me, ahem, in her blog post HERE, I dedicate today's tasks to her.

A simple nutritious and refreshing drink.... the Kiwi-mansi, similar to the Kalamansi and Sour Plum, containing pureed kiwi, some water, lemon, and 2 sour plums.  The way to drink this, (especially for my Nemesis, Lyrical Lemongrass) is to gulp this whole, so that you choke on the sour plum. 

But seriously, this is a lovely refreshing drink, especially in this hot weather.  I remember years ago, somewhere in the year 1992, when some of you were barely a dirty thought in your father's minds, the advent of trendy restaurants was at its infancy, and a place called Les Tableaux...used to serve Kiwifruit drinks like this  (sans the sour plum) and us sua ku flers would go ooooh, and ahhhh....

The young people of today are so lucky that all these exotic fruits are so readily available these days.


An Yindian accountant from Klang
Thought toddy was too cheap and bland
She's very the atas
She think she got class
So this Kiwitini is for her sharp fang

Kiwi she adds to her gin
Omigawd, what a cardinal sin
She won't constipate
By then it's too late
She'll be looking for a bowl to p**p in.

So best to stick to my recipe
Cos I always know best la, Thamby
May your armpits grow hair
Like Kiwi, my prayer
With friends like me who needs enemy!

For the more adventurous, and need more kick, a kiwi-tini, ...
A whole kiwi crushed, and divided at the base of four martini glasses.
A shot of cointreau, rum, vodka, with cold water, and a dash of grenadine and some sugar syrup if you have a sweet tooth, and ice.  Shake shake shake can actually add a kiwi into the cocktail shaker too, for added kiwi flavour.   Kiwi-tini.....


That Yindian Accountant said...

Beeyatchhh. I still love toddy, ok. Ahem. Ever since I started consuming 2 kiwis a day, I've had NO problem with constipation.

Ciki said...

HAHAHAHA... may your armpits grow hair like the kiwi! Sew nasty :P

Kelly Siew said...

LOL! You are so original!

Alice Yong said...

I will die laughing one of these days...