Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Day 10 - Zespri® Kiwi Challenge - May You Ripe In Peace, Zekiwi...

Tis with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to my mascot, Zekiwi, on this 10th Day of the Kiwi Challenge.

It has been a wonderful journey with you, for in the last 10 days, you've taught me a Kiwi is equal to 2 oranges, and 5 apples, you have implanted me with your many seed, resulting in a more lubricated bowel movement.  The spike in Vitamin C must be the cause of my radiant glow these past few days, seeing as to how I am not pregnant and can't attribute my glowing to my pregnancy.  Now that you're riper than a gym bunny who hasn't showered in a week....

Furthermore, you are the Last of the Mohikiwicans, .... the rest have long since joined their brethren in fruit heaven.

Ripe in peace my friend, together with all these lovely berries...May you find lova in the pav.

Better than blending you into a SMOOTHIE, wont you say.

For more information on Zespri kiwifruit, check out their website. The above post is part of the Zespri 14-Day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge.

The above line was copied from some random blog.  


Ciki said...

Riper than a gym bunny who hasn't showered in a week? what means? :P

Riper than a body builder on steroids laaaaa

Ciki said...

where's the next post today??!