Friday, July 12, 2013

2nd Last Day of the Zespri ® Kiwi Challenge - Let's Re Lax-ative, Cos I'm Running out of Kiwi-ative Ideas

Regular consumption of Kiwifruit is said to contribute to good digestive health.  Presumably that means the walls of your intestines etc will be well lubricated to ensure a smooth passage for you know what to you know what.   Some things are left best unsaid, unlike my Arch Nemesis who is constantly obsessed with being Poopular.

Anyway, even in circa B.K. (Before Kiwi), I have never really had a problem with digestion, and its consequence.  But then again, I have always consumed copious amounts of fruit through the day.  I find that the fruits that really help are .....Kiwi (of course, have to mention la right), Dragon Fruit, Papaya, Bananas.

Toss them together you get a gorgeous fruit salad of stunning colors, almost like summer on your tongue.

Anyway, since I'm running out of Kiwi-ative juices (geddit? geddit?), don't expect any fancy smancy recipe.   

Meet the Anticonsti, the relative of Antipasti (thanks to Ciki of Cumi and Ciki for that).....guaranteed to relax-ative your bowels.

So now my Arch Nemesis needn't be so FOS.

Anticonsti Fruit Salad

Quantities at your discretion

Kiwi Green
Kiwi Gold
Red Dragon Fruit
Cherries for Popping
A dash of lemon juice

Toss together.

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