Thursday, July 04, 2013

Day 5 Zespri ® Kiwi Challenge - Following A Recipe Is As Easy as K-I-W-I

Gruesome is the word.  Stamina evades me, as I plod on through this marathon of kiwi eating.  I cling and clutch onto my hairy fruits, crying out for inspiration.  With age, (mine, I mean, not the fruit), the imaginative juices (again, mine, I mean, not the fruits...they get more juice as they get older) run dry, like wells in a dry parched land.

So, at times like these, one is grateful when the task at hand is dictated, and doesn't need any creative license.  Just follow, blindly, almost..... Being one that overflows with the milk of human kindness, I had accidentally revealed some tips to my Nemesis, who craftily told me she'd be in a seminar for the next two days and hence would have no time to blog.  But what does she do?  Bakes at midnights and posts immediately.  Chis. Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man, Do you know the muffin man, Who lives in traitor lane?

Anyway, out of the 4 or so recipes given to us, I guess it was only natural I should gravitate towards the cake one.  As a matter of standard practice, I always half the sugar in almost any recipe I read, but I noted that this recipe is actually that of half a standard butter cake, and I felt one cup of sugar, or even half a cup would be too much.  So I only used 1/3rd a cup.  And, FOUR kiwi fruits in the batter would result in Kiwifruit with a hint of cake, so I reduced that to TWO. 

As you can see, the ratio of kiwi to cake batter is still quite high.  And that's despite having thrown some into the batter and churned together.  The seeds give a nice effect, much like poppy seed. The other thing I did not follow was the baking time.  For such a shallow cake, (physically shallow, not shallow like me), it needed only about 30-35 minutes. 

The finished product.  The batter had risen, like Lazarus, and engulfed the kiwis which is good, because it sealed in the kiwi texture.  The cake itself, as I mentioned, is basically a butter cake, so who doesn't love butter cake!  I actually was quite pleased with the result. 

For more recipes, log onto the Zespri Website, HERE... and click on the recipe section.


Lyrical Lemongrass aka The Nemesis said...

Overflowing with the milk of human kindness? JIJL!!!! More like overflowing with single malt whisky, man.

Ciki said...

you're not shallow, you're my ahpa. (sung to the tune of he ain't heavy..)

Zespri New Zealand Kiwi fruit said...

The flavorful fruit combo must have been made this cake delightful.