Friday, July 19, 2013

Philips Home Living Facebook Page and Smart Kitchen Contest

Continuing the previous post, Checkout the PHILIPS HOME LIVING FACE BOOK PAGE.  There is a wealth of recipes, and useful information about the Philips products. 

As a kitchen gadget lover, I really really want a PHILIPS AIRFRYER.  Who doesn't love deep fried food! If deep frying wasn't unhealthy, AND use so much oil, (somehow I cannot get myself to deep fry anything, because the thought of pouring that amount of oil into a fryer, ...ouch, ..on the wallet, I mean), I'd have deep fried stuff everyday.  What I would really love to see is IF the PHILIPS AIRFRYER can fry things like YOO TIAO without the oil! What a feat that would be.

The PHILIPS AIRFRYER is the one pictured in lilac. No no, not the lady.  That's Puan Marina Mustafa, writer of THREE cookbooks, co host of DARI DAPUR MARINA MUSTAFA on Astro Awani, freelance food writer, Food Director for a cooking show, runs a cooking school and does food styling.  

The highlights of the PHILIPS AIRFRYER are that it allows you to fry with air (that sounds facetious), to make food that is crunchy on the outside, and tender on the inside with 80% less fat.  Philips unique Rapid Air Technology (RAT) enables you to do that.  On top of that, it also works as a convection oven, and you can make cake in it, as we found out with the coconut slice.

So as you can see, the PHILIPS AIRFRYER doubles up as an oven too.  I would dearly love to own one of these to try out a variety of stuff...tempura, cucur udang, currypuffs, etc etc.  I think it retails for about RM1099.

Our finished coconut slice, which was nice and fudgy, but again, I would reduce the sugar dramatically.

The next fabulous gadget is the PHILIPS SOY MILK MAKER.  I cannot believe that someone commented on my FB page that it seemed like too much work.  THREE STEPS, honey. Soak Beans, Put in Machine, Filter.   If these machines came out in the early 70s, Yeo Hiap Seng might never have made it big.

There's even an easy clean function, whereby it starts preliminary cleaning by heating up and stirring the water.  The specially designed twin boomerang shaped blade provides finer cutting performance.

To demonstrate the use of THIS machine, we made KACANG HIJAU DESSERT.

Almost a three step process.  The beans that Puan Marina soaked had actually started sprouting, which was quite cool.  Don't worry, you can still use sprouted beans in your dessert.

We were very lucky because the invited bloggers were given one of these babies (a smaller one though) as door gifts, exchange for the hard work of writing these posts.

INCIDENTALLY, the bloggers stand a chance to win a PHILIPS AIRFRYER, based on the subsequent interaction with the general public who read these posts, so send in the questions.

Finally, (and it's a pity I only discovered this PHILIPS PRESSURE COOKER now, after I've bought another brand), the PHILIPS PRESSURE COOKER, which can cook rice in 14 minutes, and makes a wonderful KUZI AYAM in almost the same time.

Literally, just chuck all the ingredients, (the eggs do have to be hard boiled and peeled first), close the lid, and press "SEND".   Ooops, select CHICKEN/BEEF and press start.

 I honestly intend to use these methods taught by Puan Marina to host a dinner party soon.  In fact, I might make the Kacang Hijau Dessert tonight, with my PHILIPS SOYMILK MAKER.

The Smart Kitchen Contest  was a two part contest, the first part was at the Cooking Workshop, where teams get judged by their plating skills.  PHASE TWO of the contest, which promises a PHILIPS AIRFRYER to BEST ENGAGEMENT ON BLOGS AND SOCIAL NETWORK, so can I shamelessly appeal to all of you to engagggge with me, talk to me, I'm a good listener. 


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I need more recipes for my brand new Philips pressure cooker!! Teach meeee!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

So you can put a hard boiled egg inside PRIOR to cooking, and it won't be overcooked after the 20-odd minutes in the pressure cooker? (referring to the kuzi recipe)

HairyBerry said...

Do you think the air fryer can be used to make cronuts? i think so, and it'll be healthier too...cus less oil mah.

HairyBerry said...

oooh...and it'll be interesting to see if the air fryer can make one of those deep-fried ice creams!

Anonymous said...

I <3 the pressure cooker and the air fyer. have tried them both out. FBB you should try making ayam goreng in it and tell me how it was.
How can I use it as an over

The cooker, can u cookrice and kuzi at the same time?

fatboybakes said...

anoynmous, unfortunately no, you need to have TWO pressure cookers. now, if i were to make this, i think i'd make the kuzi in a pot over the stove, cos to me, making rice is more difficult. I wish i could tell you how the ayam goreng is in the airfryer, and I promise you IF i win the airfryer, i will tell you.

fatboybakes said...

hairyberry, yalar, exactly right, cronuts, yoo tiao, ...deep fried ice cream...(never thought of that), i wouldn't know since i dont have one, but if I win, i will be sure to try and let you know. item la, not all three.

fatboybakes said...

lyrical lemongrass - oooh, why dont you try making hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker, i'd LOVE to hear the results. (roll eyes)

chuishia said...

I want an air fryer too!! Tried Jun's air fryer. The fry basket a bit too small but the result is amazing! Makes me feel less guilty about eating all that fried stuff.

So, this is to help you win one huh? I want to win one too! How ah? :p

Paranoid Android said...

Wah... I like the idea of an oil free fryer. If it does tempura, I will get it immediately. Hear it does great fried ikan bilis.

Paranoid Android said...

Hope you win one. Then you can tell me all about the air fryer.

Babe KL said...

Huh aiyoyo need 2 pressure cookers to cook chicken briyani?

What other recipes one can make using the soy bean maker? Quite wasted if it can only make soy bean milk, tau fu far and green bean soup. Can it make far sang woo since it need blending?

fatboybakes said...

babe kl, no la, you dont NEED two, but it makes it easier. yes, i think you can make fa sang woo in the soymilk maker. there's a whole list of recipes. in fact, I was thinking of fa sang woo.

fatboybakes said...

paranoid android, haha, so far i've heard it doing chicken wings, nuggets, french fries, ...i guess if it can do tempura it can do yoo tiao ler. though it will be short stumpy ones. yes, i hope i win too, pray hard for me.

fatboybakes said...

chuish, ya, the first time i heard of the airfryer for some reason it was linked to you, cant remember talking to who about what. anyway, yeah, the fryer thingie looks a bit small, guess you aren't meant to be selling cronuts by the dozen lor. how to win ah? log on philips home living fan page, and i think they have contests from time to time.

Taufulou said...

ahhh.. i still miss the nasi briyani gam..

when u wanna cook for us?