Friday, July 05, 2013

Day 6 Zespri ® Kiwi Challenge (Newsflash added at bottom)

Today, since it's Friday, all we had to do is narcissistically put a picture of ourselves, syiok sendiri, enjoying that lovely green (since I still haven't received any gold ones yet, hint hint, to whoever's reading) fruit, which incidentally I am running low on supply as well.

Unfortunately, my short arms means I cannot camwhore, or all you'll get is a pic of my nose, inhaling the kiwi fruit, and shall we say my camerawoman this morning...well, she does know how to capture my most riveting and flattering angles.

We are supposed to sit back, relax and scoop some of that luscious green seedy flesh, ...but I prefer just sucking out my kiwi, like belitongs or escargots.  This is only possible when the kiwi is fairly ripe, or you might need a Heimlich maneuver if you tried to suck on an unripe kiwi fruit.

Since all is dry on the Nemesis front, I shall just ignore her for the day.

What have I benefited from consuming two kiwi fruit a day?  As you can see, from my radiant and glowing complexion, I feel young again.

Honestly, it's a bit hard to feel any effect so instantly, cos unlike my nemesis, I do not have a constipation problem so I cannot really testify to more efficient bowel movements, but there is definitely a very cleansing feel about consuming so much kiwifruit.

(Evening)..Oooh, look what the despatch brought.

Since I had in my possession KIWI GOLD, I decided to make a passion fruit curd, at the same time use up the extra yolks I was bearing.


1.  Add 1/4 cup sugar to 5 yolks.  Puree 2 kiwigold fruits, and pour mixture into yolks and whisk till well combined.

2. Over a double boiler, continually whisk till it reaches custard like consistency.  Cookbooks will tell you till  it coats the back of a wooden spoon, but I've never really understood what that means.

3. Once it has thickened nicely, and can be spooned, add 90gm butter and whisk.

4. Place some clingfilm or baking parchment over the mixture and let it cool to room temperature.
5. Refrigerate, and bottle into jars, to be used as...a curd. 

Pow, take that, Nemesis woman.  


Ciki said...

LOL what an aweful first photo.. u've really out done yourself ahpa!:P anyway, u forgot to mention that eating kiwi makes you agile and strong and able to outlast any younger nubile body in bodycombat, bodyattack, bodypump as well as TRX!!!!

KY said...

hello lim kit siang. lol.

The Nemesis said...

Awwwww you miss me!!

Alice Yong said...

r u sure u shud b ODing on so many kiwifruits? i know they're rich in Vitamin C - that stands for Comedy? Cute? Crazy?