Tuesday, July 23, 2013

KLonuts At Dessert Storm, It Doesn't Get Punnier Than That

Cronuts, the latest craze in New York, the unholy spawn of the Croissant and Doughnut, a name so cleverly trademarked that now no one can really use it, but fortunately, the imagination has no bounds, and there's now the Cro-Do, (from Lord of the Rings, no doubt, as someone mentioned on Facebook), Doissant, and whatever other permutation you can think of.

Of course, down at BIG, Publika, where puns are more rampant than rumours of fraud during the GE13, the new pop up dessert store (where T42 used to be, and next to B Wiched), named DESSERT STORM, these little babies have been brilliantly called KLonuts.  Double entendre there no doubt, they hail from KL, and that is probably how the general chinese populace might pronounce Cronut.

Helmed by the lovely Mabel Cheah, who is actually trained in New York as a pastry chef, the pop up store offers KLONUTS in a variety of flavours, (ie, fillings), plated desserts, and you can actually feast on the interesting array of sandwiches from neighbouring B Wiched.

Check out the names of the sandwiches. I wanted to order them all!!!  Fortunately, there were five of us, so we did manage to sample a few, namely...

Meat Jagger, a cheesey meaty sandwich, that will almost definitely fill you up, with that much bread.

Caesar Salad within that pita roll. Rich and creamy, like a caesar salad.

Shia Le Beef...my favourite, slices of roast beef with a lot of caramelized onions.  Ideally I would want this filling with the pita wrap. 

My favourite name of all, Christina Arugula...the BIG team must have spent a lot of time brainstorming.  Vegetarian, for all intents and purposes.  Not my thing.

After we had filled ourselves, rather unnecessarily, with copious amount of bread, that were now expanding like a sponge,  it was finally dessert time.

I shudder whenever I see these decorative cake items.  Cake decoration and I go together like Superman and Kryptonite.   I wondered why we were presented with what is of absolutely no interest to me.

Turns out, we were given the opportunity to fill our KLonuts and decorate around the hole.

You shove the cream of choice in, and start pumping to fill the hole.  Or rather, to fill around the hole.  The hole is never filled.

You then embellish your KLonut with sprinkles and what not.  Compare and contrast the workmanship of Artisan Baker, Swee San of Sweet Spot, so elegant compared to my kindergarten effort.  Some more got lemon curd overflowing from every orifice.

The amazing plated desserts, and very reasonably priced too. RM15 for the orange pavlova with cranberry orange compote and orange caramel

Deconstructed Strawberry Cheesecake...Baked cheesecake on a lovely bed of strawberry coulis, and the unique Nilia wafer crumb, which is made from scratch.

Death By Chocolate - Too sinful to describe, but this death is followed by chocolate heaven.  Pliable Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Meringue Drops. Decadence to the max.  And ONLY RM15!!!!

Mabel and me....

I finally popped my pop tart cherry.... I've always wondered what they were. They're basically biscuit with filling.

Anyway, like the Pop Tart, the stall is also a Pop Up Stall, and won't be there forever, so quickly head over to DESSERT STORM at Ben's Independent Grocer, (B.I.G.) Publika, for a real dessert treat.  I've since brought my sister whose kids all enjoyed the KLONUT.


The Yum List said...

I'm not sure I'd like the Klonuts. I do like a good sandwich bar though.

Ciki said...

eeyer.. i am sorry to say, but ur klonut deco is so ugly ahpa. and u split a bit down the side of the hole:P hahahaha

Christina Arugula is just the bomb. what a cute name! LOL