Monday, July 08, 2013

Day 9 Zespri® Challenge - Kiwi Vs Apple

How's this for a little nugget of a gem of a fact?  Did you know, and looking at the exterior, how could you, that the little hairy KIWI contains FIVE times more nutrition than the mighty APPLE? Gasp, I was shocked too by that fact. 

Nemesis wants me to faster post so that she can plagiarize and parody-ise.  I should tell her to shove an apple up where the sun don't shine.

And just as evidence,

Have a great Monday everyone. 


The Nemesis said...

hahahahaha! Does a kiwi make iPhones! hahahahahahha! Am so proud to have you as my nemesis.

Dropsof Contentment said...

LOL! I actually think the other highlight of this challenge is both your entertaining posts! :P

Malaysian HairyBerry (aka Rambutan) said...

Regardless of the competition's outcome, you both (that's FBB and AWOL) are my champions for such creative and funny posts. Good, wholesome humour is hard to come by these days. My hairy ang moh cousin (the Kiwi fruit) must be so proud and happy reading them, just like me. :D

Ciki said...

ROFLMAO ... very clever!