Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 12 Zespri ® Challenge - Kiwifruit, A Meat Tenderizer

Riddle: How do you make meat soft?
Answer: Use Kiwifruit, it's a tenderizer.
Riddle: How do you make meat hard?
Answer: Lady's fingers.

Anyway, phew, only 3 more days to go, before I can move on to something else, like cherries, perhaps.  At least they can be popped.   Today's factoid about kiwifruit is that it can also act as a meat tenderizer.  Since I am very "atas" and eat only wagyu, I have no opportunity to test out this theory on say Indian buffalo meat, so one has to improvise. 

Hypothetically, the best test would be on a hard piece of meat, like THIS:

Unfortunately, since I can't physically rip out my Nemesis's heart, we shall just have to use our imagination.  (Those of you who do not know, Thamby is the nickname for Nemesis). 

Let's see if that hard cold heart is any softer by the end of the day, as we await her post. 

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Atticus Chong said...

This stuff is gold and keeps getting better

Ciki said...

LOL. Now you're just being silly!

Popped cherries and lady fingers.. oh.. all hard di la, no doubt!

aly said...

I wonder if the kiwi gods regret asking you two to take part! LOL! Hilarious! :)